Victorian Street

Victorian Street

Victorian Street contains:
Victorian Street Base Model containing 36 morphs
(Street Morphs -
Grocer Gate Open/Close
Apothecary Gate Open/Close
Extinguish Lamps
Remove Lamps
Remove Fence
Change Upper Road Sign
Remove Upper Road Sign
Change Lower Road Sign
Remove Lower Road Sign
Remove Backdrop

Grocer Morphs -
Grocer Left Door Open/Close
Grocer Right Door Open/Close
Grocer Flat Door Open/Close
Remove Pavement Displays
Change Grocer Sign
Remove Grocer Sign
Remove Grocer's Cash Register
Remove Grocer's Furniture

Bookshop Morphs -
Bookshop Door Open/Close
Bookshop Flat Door Open/Close
Change Bookshop Sign
Remove Bookshop Sign
Remove Round Bookshop Sign
Remove Oblong Bookshop Sign
Remove Bookshop Awning
Remove Window Display
Remove Bookshop Furniture

Apothecart Morphs -
Apothecary Door Open/Close
Apothecary Flat Door Open/Close
Change Apothecary Sign
Remove Apothecary Sign
Remove Round Apothecary Sign
Remove Oblong Apothecary Sign
Remove Apothecary Awning
Remove Apothecary Cash Register
Remove Apothecary Furniture)

Tree (with leaf on/off morph)
Rocking Chair (with rocking morph)
Victorian Postbox
Manhole Cover
Bedside Cabinet
Bed02 (different texture)
Apothecary A-Board
Bookshop A-Board

2 Light Sets (Day & Night)
2 Material Settings (Day and Night)
12 Cameras for easy scene creation

Software: Poser 6+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio