The Wizards Place

The Wizards Place

The Wizards Place

*The Poser files have NOT changed, the zip is the same, there is now also a separate zip file for DS and OBJ files*
*New Materials have been added for DS Iray ONLY, along with the fire for the floor brazier*
*The OBJ Zip file contains the added Fire prop that can be added to Poser manually*

- Props Include -

- Load FULL Scene (this includes all props, some duplicated to create a full wizard scene!)
- Wizard Floor
- Wizard Floor Center
- Wall Panel
- Entrance Wall Panel
- Wall Shelves
- Ceiling
- Upper Floor
- Upper Floor Deco
- Columns
- Hanging Chandelier
- Hanging Chain
- Hanging Chain Pull
- Bookshelf Large
- Bookshelf Small
- Potion Shelf
- Bowl
- Dish
- Hanging Cage
- Chest
- Desk Orb
- Floor Orb
- Hourglass
- Desk
- Throne
- Eyeball Plant (Lil' Fella)
- Floor Brazier
- Floor Brazier Fire
- Hanging Brazier
- Planets
- Skull Candle
- Spell Book
- Telescope
- Vase 01
- Vase 02
- 12 Single Book Props
- 07 Book Stack Props

- Materials for DS Only -

- 03 Brazier Lava Options (Default/Purple/Green)
- 03 Brazier Fire Options (Default/Purple/Green)
- 08 Glass Vase Options
- 02 Globe/Orb Options (Glowing/Glass)
- 05 Ceramic Vase Options

- Thanks Sveva & Luke

*This is the same The Wizards Place that LukeA sold previously, the Poser files have NOT changed, however, the set has been updated to include a separate zip file for DS Iray, and a separate zip file for the OBJ files.
*If you have purchased this set before you may now download the updated files*

Software: Poser 6+, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Requirements:  Poser 6 or above/or DS with Iray

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio