Artisan Festival Masks for Genesis 8

Artisan Festival Masks for Genesis 8

Artisan Festival Masks for Genesis 8 is a set of 4 masks designed by merging the styles of a Japanese and Venice Festival Mask. Each mask comes with 2 base materials: paper pulp and leather. However, by building the design around the Iray 4-Layer Uber PBR Shader, we have ensured a highly customizable design right from the comfort of the Daz Studio Interface.

For those less familiar with the Surface Interface, we have provided a collection of 10 Traditional Designs (Paper Pulp) and 06 Leather Styles to get you started. The designer sets use the same color scheme, which shows that the color combinations are endless through the usage of masks.

Of course, we have also provided several different utility presets (shaders) to tweak, refine, and mix the presets together to create a brand-new look without having to touch the surface panel.

But because we know that characters could get into sticky situations while using the masks, we have also included a Geoshell Wearable Preset for each mask to add dirt and wear, along with several refinement presets as well.

Important: The mask will be parented to the head when the wearable presets are used. So to change the materials, remember to select it! We have also included Prop versions of the masks to use with other generations by manually positioning them and parenting them to the head.

Also, the materials for the masks (decoration and colors) will not be visible in the viewport, but they will render as they should.

What's Included and Features

  • Artisan Festival Masks for Genesis 8
  • Props: (.DUF)
    • 00B Kitsune Mask
    • 00B Mask Strap
    • 00B Neko Mask
    • 00B Oni Mask
    • 00B Usagi Mask
  • Strap Morphs:
    • Buckles Back and Forward
    • Buckles Out and In
    • Buckles Up and Down
    • Strap Back
    • Strap Sides
  • Wearables:
    • 06 Apply Dirt Geoshell to Kitsune Mask
    • 06 Apply Dirt Geoshell to Neko Mask
    • 06 Apply Dirt Geoshell to Oni Mask
    • 06 Apply Dirt Geoshell to Usagi Mask
    • 00A F Kitsune Mask
    • 00A F Neko Mask
    • 00A F Oni Mask
    • 00A F Usagi Mask
    • 00A M Kitsune Mask
    • 00A M Neko Mask
    • 00A M Oni Mask
    • 00A M Usagi Mask
  • Material Options:
    • 10 AFM 01 Kitsune Traditional Mask Options
    • 10 AFM 01 Neko Traditional Mask Options
    • 10 AFM 01 Oni Traditional Mask Options
    • 10 AFM 01 Usagi Traditional Mask Options
    • 06 AFM 02 Kitsune Leather Mask Options
    • 06 AFM 02 Neko Leather Mask Options
    • 06 AFM 02 Oni Leather Mask Options
    • 06 AFM 02 Usagi Leather Mask Options
    • 07 AFM 01 Traditional Mask Strap Colors
    • 04 AFM 02 Leather Mask Strap Colors
  • Shader Options:
    • 05 AFM 03 Smudge Strength Options
    • 03 AFM 03.1 Smudge Gloss Options
    • 03.2 Smudge Metallic ON/OFF
    • 08 AFM 03.3 Smudge Color Options
    • 03 AFM 04.1 Accent Options
    • 04.2 Accent Metallic ON/OFF
    • 07 AFM 04.3 Accent Color Options
    • 05 AFM 05.1 Main Decor Opacity Options
    • 03 AFM 05.2 Main Decor Metallic Options
    • 07 AFM 05.3 Main Decor Color Options
    • 04 AFM 06.1 Dirt Geoshell Intensity Options
    • 06.2 Dirt Geoshell Color Light/Dark
    • 02 AFM 06.3 Dirt Geoshell Worn Effect Options
    • 06.3 Dirt Geoshell Remove Worn Effect
  • Textures Include:
    • 95 Texture, Diffuse, Height, Metallic, Normal, Specular, and Transparency Maps(100 x 100 to 4096 x 4096)
    • Texture Templates available through the Product Library.
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
  • DAZ Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)
  • This product uses DAZ Studio's Iray 4-Layer Uber PBR Shader

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: