Atomic Heart Ballerina for Genesis 8 Female

Atomic Heart Ballerina for Genesis 8 Female

Atomic Heart Ballerina for Genesis 8 Female.

The twins from the game Atomic Heart have a few "internal" difference that are only for the game, for the outside view only the Jacket make the difference, and here is included, you can create any of them, Left or Right.

This product contain:

- Ballerina body morph (Apply and Remove)

Doesn't contain any skin or head shape because it's made as an outfit and it should work with Genesis 8/8.1 and even 9 if you know how to fit them.

Ballerina Outfit:

- Complete Ballerina Outfit Preset
- Arms: One item but you have the option to hide any of the arms.
- Body: Main part of the armor it has corrections (pJCM) for the arms way up it may generate some deformations and manual morphs are included.
- Hair
- Jacket: Also include corrections and the moprhs to fix certain poses, it's also dForce ready but it may have some problems with certain poses due the amount of wrinkles.
- Legs
- Mask: Optional "Glass" opacity.
- Neck: It fit any head and will follow expressions correctly.
- One Piece (Leotard): It had lewd morphs (Show Breast and Show Genitalia)
- Shoes

- 8 Different colors shaders, you can select the part of the outfit you want to color on the surface tab and click the color you want, recommend using on the silver metal parts.

- Show Left or Right arm (select Ballerina Arms
- Mask Glass (Create a glass effect on the Mask)

Glossy Roughness will add roughness to the glossiness making it less shiny, it include textures for every object.
- Option from 100% / 50% / 0%
By default it's a 100% as the examples shown in the product images.
(Select surfaces to apply it)

Sexy Robot: (NSFW Options)
- Apply Nipples Geoshell (Create nipples geoshell for Genesis 8 Female with the body texture to match the robot look)
Highly recommend to use this option with any Nipples Moprh you have.
- Body Show (Select Ballerina Body) Show Nipples and/or Genitalia
It works using opacity, not perfect but it will do the job.
- Genitalia Materials for Golden Palace and Default Genitalia
(Select the genitalia and apply materials)

For Genitalia you may have a conflict with Nipples Geoshell, to solve that simply select the geoshell and check the new created materials on it, for example on Nipples Geoshell will create a few "Golden Palace..." materials, select them and set opacity to 0.

- As show in the preview you can use this outfit with any body, morph, face and skin. Since it's in fact an outfit you need to manually modify the clothes you put on top, increase size or check the option that the outfit may include, with a little bit a work any clothes can fit over it.

- In case you want to use the character with full outfit, you can hide the character for full optimization, since it will only load the outfit (it's completely sealed so having a character visible is not necessary.

- If you have any clipping issues you can fix them by playing with Smoothing Modifier, increase or reduce it till you find the right spot.

- The outfit comes with many parts so you can combine them as you like, check the previews to see the options I use on other of my characters.


RenderHub is currently hosting a contest called "Sexy Robot Contest" and guess what this product is?
You God Damn Right! It's a sexy robot!

So if you want an chance to earn up to $1500 cash and $500 Fox Renderfarm cupon!
You can use this product to make the perfect Sexy Robot for such contest, just click the link below!

It ends in March 30th! Not saying you should hurry up but don't leave it to the last second either.

If you happen to use my product for the contest, I would love to see your renders, so you can submit on this product page!

Install directory:
People/Genesis 8 Female/Dumitas/Ballerina
The file comes ready to install using Install Manager to make it easy to uninstall or change location, you can also install in manually using free tools such as 7-Zip.

- The files can now properly be used with Install Manager.


- 02/27/2023 - Added Nipples Geoshell for Genesis 8.1
(Recommend reinstall the product if you're using Install Manager)

- 03/01/2023- Fixed some clipping issues with extreme morphs
Parts now have a new material that hides the folding that were clipping.

Any errors or even suggestion my DMs are always open and I will answer or fix after reading it, thank you!!

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