Balliol College

Balliol College

Perfect your University scene with Balliol College.

This indoor environment features a grand historical college dining hall that features long table and benches, beautiful medieval chandeliers and charming wall crowning.

Get Balliol College for your college, uni, and magic scenes!

What's Included and Features

  • Balliol College (.DUF)
  • Balliol College Complete Preset
  • Zero Props:
    • BC BackWall
    • BC Building
    • BC Chandeliers
    • BC farWall
    • BC farWall 1
    • BC Floor
    • BC Front Wall/Light
    • BC leftWall
    • BC Organ
    • BC Portraits
    • BC rightWall
    • BC Silverware Set
    • BC Single Candelabra
    • BC Single Chair
    • BC Single Dineware
    • BC Single Table and Bench
    • BC tables Set
    • BC Trusses
  • Optimized for Daz Studio Iray

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install