Beta Eridani for Poser

Beta Eridani for Poser

The Beta Eridanian ambassador from Alpha Centauri is a distinguished diplomat known for its wisdom and eloquence. As a representative of its advanced and peaceful civilization, the ambassador is renowned for its skill in fostering interplanetary alliances and mediating conflicts. It communicates with a calm and thoughtful demeanor, often engaging in intricate negotiations that require both patience and insight. The Beta Eridanian`s presence is a symbol of the potential for harmonious coexistence among diverse species, embodying the principles of diplomacy and cooperation that are essential for maintaining peace in the galaxy. Its reputation as a fair and judicious envoy precedes it, earning respect and admiration from various interstellar communities.

Product Features:
* Includes two Poser figures (obj, cr2/ png):
- Beta Eridani character, with 12,250 polygons.
- Cape, with 5,386 polygons.
* All 6 arms include "tentapose" technology which allows for smoother bends in each part.
* Beta Eridani morphs:
- Blink
- Head Size
- Neck Indent
* Cape morphs:
- Close Front

* One set of textures with corresponding bump, glossy, and normal maps is included.
* All materials use Superfly shaders. The model will not render correctly using Firefly.

Designed for use in Poser 11 and above.
Also importable to DAZ Studio. Some materials adjustment may be necessary.

Software: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12, Poser 13

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