Boho Cottage : Base and Fireplace

Boho Cottage : Base and Fireplace

The BOHO COTTAGE is a colorful and cozy set of rooms with a lot of atmospheres!

In this first part you get the walls of the house, all inner walls (bathroom and bedroom are not textured for the moment, this will be part of the corresponding upcoming sets), the garden with plants and the 360 deg; background image.

The Fireplace is part of the Salon Walls, they are textured. All decoration for the Fireplace is included in this set.

To give your scenes a more realistic look and flexibility, the front door, all sliding doors and the roof window of the bathroom are figures which can be opened and closed at your convenience.

In the Scenes folder you can find a scene for the Fireplace and the exterior of the house with the garden.

Each section comes with a scene subset where all items are in place. Each prop is loading in the middle of the viewport to give you the ability to replace each item wherever you want.

Look forward to the next 3 BOHO COTTAGE decoration parts, and happy rendering!

What's Included and Features

  • Boho Cottage : Base and Fireplace
  • Boho Cottage Base Scene
  • Boho Cottage Fireplace Scene
  • Boho Cottage Base Props:
    • Boho Cottage ! Walls (Scene Subset)
    • Boho Cottage 01 Outer Walls
    • Boho Cottage 01b Environnement Lights
    • Boho Cottage 01c Camera
    • Boho Cottage 02 Outer Lamps
    • Boho Cottage 03 Ceiling
    • Boho Cottage 04 Ground
    • Boho Cottage 05 Big Window Sliding Door (Figure with Open-Close Feature)
    • Boho Cottage 06 Salon Walls
    • Boho Cottage 07 Sliding Door Salon (Figure with Open-Close Feature)
    • Boho Cottage 08 Bathroom Window (Figure With Open-Close Feature)
    • Boho Cottage 09 Outer Lamp Solo
    • Boho Cottage 10 Background Image (360 Deg)
    • Boho Cottage 11 Front Wall (Blank and Hidden - Needed for Kitchen Part)
    • Boho Cottage 12 Inner Bedroom Walls (Blank - Needed for Bedroom Part)
    • Boho Cottage 13 Inner Bathroom Walls ( Blank - Needed for Bathroom Part)
    • Boho Cottage 14 Front Door (Figure - with Open-Close Feature)
    • Boho Cottage Front Door Curtain
  • Boho Cottage Garden Props
    • Boho Cottage ! Garden (Scene Subset)
    • Boho Cottage Garden Agave
    • Boho Cottage Garden Bamboo
    • Boho Cottage Garden Coloured Wood
    • Boho Cottage Garden Japanese Steps
    • Boho Cottage Garden Palm Tree
    • Boho Cottage Garden Plant 1
    • Boho Cottage Garden Plant 2
    • Boho Cottage Garden Plant 3
    • Boho Cottage Garden Plant 4
    • Boho Cottage Garden Pond
    • Boho Cottage Garden Water Grass
  • Boho Cottage Fireplace Decoration:
    • Boho Cottage Fireplace ! Decoration (Scene Subset)
    • 1 Camera
    • 2 Lights
    • Candle Holder Set (Scene Subset with Point Lights)
    • Candle in Glass
    • Accessories
    • Armchair
    • Big Candle Holder (With Point Light)
    • Big Wall Frame
    • Book 1
    • Book 2
    • Cactus in Pot 1-4
    • Cactus With Flower
    • Carpet
    • Fire (With Light)
    • Flower
    • Hanging Plant
    • Lamp
    • Middle Candle Holder (With Point Light)
    • Mirror
    • Screen
    • Simple Leaves Pot
    • Small Candle Holder (With Light)
    • Succulents 1
    • Succulents 2
    • Table
    • Wood Basket
  • Textures Include:
    • 327 Texture, Bump, Opacity Maps (83 x 867 to 1024 x 1024)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.12

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install