Bugga BooNanza

Bugga BooNanza

Bugga BooNanza is a large set of morphs and presets for Bugga Boo. Now you can give Bugga Boo companions!

Set the included partial face morphs as you desire, however for your convenience there is some sample face presets you can set with the included dials or with a simple click from the content library. There are also included ears, eyes, nose, and mouth presets you can apply with a single click, however not all morph dials have their own shape presets. The presets make your creation faster and easier and you can see what you will get. And you can always change them however you want with the dials.

All dials can be found both in the main and the head actor. You can filter dials, just type GHD or BuggaBoo into the search box in the Parameters Tab.

There are no new skin textures in this set, however, you get some SkinTones and a full Elfin character with body morphs. See promo images for more details.

What's Included and Features

  • Bugga BooNanza (.DUF and .DSF)
    • BuggaBoo Elfin
      • BuggaBoo Elfin Arms
      • BuggaBoo Elfin Body
      • BuggaBoo Elfin Torso
      • BuggaBoo Elfin Legs
  • Partial Head Morphs
    • Head Shapes
      • BuggaBoo Elfin Head
      • BuggaBoo Forehead
      • BuggaBoo Brows Down
      • BuggaBoo CheekBones
      • BuggaBoo CheeksPuff
      • BuggaBoo Chin Long
      • BuggaBoo Chin Small
      • BuggaBoo Chin W
      • BuggaBoo Jaw
  • Ears Shapes
    • Elf 01-04
    • Eyes Shapes
      • BuggaBoo Eyes 01-11
      • BuggaBoo Eyes Elfin
      • BuggaBoo Eyes Lower
      • BuggaBoo Eyes Width
      • BuggaBoo Upper Eyelids
    • Mouth Shapes
      • BuggaBoo Mouth Elfin
      • BuggaBoo Mouth 01-11
    • Nose Shapes
      • BuggaBoo Nose 01-11
      • BuggaBoo Nose Elfin
      • BuggaBoo Nose Ridge Out
      • BuggaBoo Nose RidgeD
      • BuggaBoo NoseTip Narrow
      • BuggaBoo Nostrils Large
    • Face Dials
      • BuggaBoo Face 01-13
      • BuggaBoo Face Elfin
  • Shape Presets
    • Elfin Full Body/Head Shape Apply/Remove
    • 4+1 Ears presets (sets only the Bugga BooNanza Ear dials)
      • BooNanza Ears Reset
      • Elf Ears 1-4
    • Face Presets (Set all Bugga BooNanza Partial Head Morphs)
      • BooNanza Face Reset
      • BooNanza Face 01-13
      • BooNanza Face Elfin
    • Eyes presets (Set only the Bugga BooNanza Eye Dials)
      • BooNanza Eyes Reset
      • BooNanza Eyes 01-11
      • BooNanza Eyes Elfin
    • Mouth presets (set only the Bugga BooNanza Mouth dials)
      • BooNanza Mouth Reset
      • BooNanza Mouth 01-11
      • BooNanza Mouth Elfin
    • Nose presets (Set only the Bugga BooNanza Nose Dials)
      • BooNanza Nose Reset
      • BooNanza Nose 01-11
      • BooNanza Nose Elfin
  • SkinTone Hierarchical Material Presets (Use with the Original BuggaBoo Textures)
    • BooNanza Skin Tone 01-06 (from Pale White to Dark Brown)
    • BooNanza Skin Tone Elfin (Greenish)

Required Products:

Bugga Boo for Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: