The Bureau Agent Futuristic Styles for Ekialys' Ny

The Bureau Agent Futuristic Styles for Ekialys' Ny

Futurism, thine name is the Bureau Agent...

The Bureau Agent for Ekialys' Ny Outfit Set features

  • 1 detailed futuristic style
  • 3 color and material variants: Bureau Agent, High-rank official, the Bodyguard.
  • 2 close-encounter options for the main style with goo-only and goo+alien matter details

With the Bureau Agent futuristic styles we want to offer a new Character for Ekialys' Ny, more developed than most alternative and Sci-Fi styles.

She is an investigative agent, a detective, who divides her time between her office at the Bureau and field work. Her clothes feature the agency logo and are smart enough to attend high-rank meetings and comfortable enough to engage in a breakneck chase, with style.

The planet of Ekyalis is not stranger to alien life-form visiting from other parts of the galaxy and some of them are not friendly. We created an alien goo-only and a goo + alien matter styles that show the aftermaths of an encounter of the unfriendly type.

Additionally two alternative colors and material options give this style more breadth in terms of versatility and style, we called them High-rank official and the Bodyguard as they embody a more refined style and a tougher look, respectively.

Get The Bureau Agent Futuristic Styles for Ekialys' Ny and start building your futuristic, adventure, and epic scenes today!

What's Included and Features

  • This Bundle Includes:
    • The Bureau Agent Futuristic Styles for Ekialys' Ny (.DUF)
    • Bureau Agent
      • Agent All pieces
      • Agent Arms
      • Agent Belt
      • Agent Geoshell Knee-Pants
      • Agent Geoshell Pants
      • Agent Geoshell Shorts
      • Agent Loin Back
      • Agent Loin complete
      • Agent Loin front
      • Agent Neck
      • Agent Shinwear
      • Agent Shoes
      • Agent Top
    • High rank official
      • Official All pieces
      • Official Arms
      • Official Belt
      • Official Geoshell Knee-Pants
      • Official Geoshell Pants
      • Official Geoshell Shorts
      • Official Loin Back
      • Official Loin complete
      • Official Loin front
      • Official Neck
      • Official Shinwear
      • Official Shoes
      • Official Top
    • The Bodyguard
      • Bodyguard All pieces
      • Bodyguard Arms
      • Bodyguard Belt
      • Bodyguard Geoshell Knee-Pants
      • Bodyguard Geoshell Pants
      • Bodyguard Geoshell Shorts
      • Bodyguard Loin Back
      • Bodyguard Loin complete
      • Bodyguard Loin front
      • Bodyguard Neck
      • Bodyguard Shinwear
      • Bodyguard Shoes
      • Bodyguard Top
    • Close Encounter SSS - goo + alien matter
      • Alien-matter SSS All pieces
      • Alien-matter SSS Arms
      • Alien-matter SSS Belt
      • Alien-matter SSS Geoshell Knee-Pants
      • Alien-matter SSS Geoshell Pants
      • Alien-matter SSS Geoshell Shorts
      • Alien-matter SSS Loin Back
      • Alien-matter SSS Loin complete
      • Alien-matter SSS Loin front
      • Alien-matter SSS Neck
      • Alien-matter SSS Shinwear
      • Alien-matter SSS Shoes
      • Alien-matter SSS Top
    • Close Encounter SSS - goo only
      • Goo-only SSS All pieces
      • Goo-only SSS Arms
      • Goo-only SSS Belt
      • Goo-only SSS Geoshell Knee-Pants
      • Goo-only SSS Geoshell Pants
      • Goo-only SSS Geoshell Shorts
      • Goo-only SSS Loin Back
      • Goo-only SSS Loin complete
      • Goo-only SSS Loin front
      • Goo-only SSS Neck
      • Goo-only SSS Shinwear
      • Goo-only SSS Shoes
      • Goo-only SSS Top
    • Close Encounter TC - goo + alien matter
      • Alien-matter TC All pieces
      • Alien-matter TC Arms
      • Alien-matter TC Belt
      • Alien-matter TC Geoshell Knee-Pants
      • Alien-matter TC Geoshell Pants
      • Alien-matter TC Geoshell Shorts
      • Alien-matter TC Loin Back
      • Alien-matter TC Loin complete
      • Alien-matter TC Loin front
      • Alien-matter TC Neck
      • Alien-matter TC Shinwear
      • Alien-matter TC Shoes
      • Alien-matter TC Top
    • Close Encounter TC - goo only
      • Goo-only TC All pieces
      • Goo-only TC Arms
      • Goo-only TC Belt
      • Goo-only TC Geoshell Knee-Pants
      • Goo-only TC Geoshell Pants
      • Goo-only TC Geoshell Shorts
      • Goo-only TC Loin Back
      • Goo-only TC Loin complete
      • Goo-only TC Loin front
      • Goo-only TC Neck
      • Goo-only TC Shinwear
      • Goo-only TC Shoes
      • Goo-only TC Top
    • Utilities
      • Emission Power 1. Low
      • Emission Power 2. Med
      • Emission Power 3. High
      • Emission Power 4. Very high
      • Emission Power 5. Very powerful
      • Emission Blue Sky
      • Emission Green
      • Emission Off
      • Emission Orange
      • Emission Red
      • Emission Yellow
    • Textures Include:
      • 246 Base Color, Emission, Glossy, Height, Normal, Metalness, Roughness, Scattering Maps (4096 x 4096) files
    • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Required Products:

Ekialys' Ny for Genesis 8 Females

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.12

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: