Cape Cod Bathroom

Cape Cod Bathroom

The wonderful characters inhabiting our model libraries need spaces to inhabit just like us. There are many modern and luxurious suites with a bevy of amenities available at the marketplaces, but let’s face it, in today’s economy not every character can afford the latest and greatest. The Cape Cod Bathroom is a model of an ordinary small bathroom tucked away on the second floor of a typical Cape Cod-style house. This style was built by the thousands across North America and can be found equally in small towns and suburbs. The Cape Cod Bathroom was modeled after a real one in a house that is dear to my heart. If there is enough interest, I might model the whole house, room by room. The Cape Cod Bathroom is comprised of a shell with its separate walls and the items within. Each wall, ceiling and floor can be moved or made hidden to position the camera. The bathroom has a pedestal sink, mirrored cabinet, garbage bin (don’t worry, I’ve emptied it before uploading to the marketplace), a toilet, bathtub, and a cart loaded with all the necessities. All plumbing fixtures are included, and most are compliant with plumbing and building codes. Most of the items can be moved either individually or as part of an arrangement. Please see the promotional images and read the usage tips/limitations in the readme file to understand what items are separate and what are in a permanently connected, but movable, arrangement.

I hope these new prop models will add a splash of fun to your scenes.
Happy rendering!

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Daz Studio and Poser