Cassandra Cain - Batgirl Costume for Genesis 8 Female

Cassandra Cain - Batgirl Costume for Genesis 8 Female

Dive into the shadows of Gotham with the Cassandra Cain - Batgirl Costume, a meticulously crafted outfit designed exclusively for Genesis 8 Female. Born from the vibrant imagination found on DeviantArt, this costume combines the essence of stealth and the iconic symbol of justice into a single ensemble, perfect for your nocturnal narratives.

Sleek, Form-Fitting Bodysuit: Crafted in the deepest obsidian, this bodysuit is not only a testament to agility but also a beacon of the silent guardian of Gotham.

Iconic Bat-Symbol: Emblazoned across the chest in a striking yellow, symbolizing an unbreakable oath to justice and courage.

Mask and Accessories: Complete with a cowl that shadows the identity, leaving only the eyes of determination visible. Gloves and boots are tailored for action, ensuring your character is ready for any challenge.

Usage Rights:
This outfit is available free of charge for personal render usage, inspired by a model found on DeviantArt. While the costume is free, we respect the original creator's work; thus, it is not intended for commercial use or redistribution. Elevate your Daz Studio library with the Cassandra Caine - Batgirl Costume and bring to life the silent protector of Gotham. Whether it's for dramatic cityscapes or intense action scenes, this costume adds depth and character to your Genesis 8 Female renders.

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