CBG3D Gwen Stacy V1 for G8F

CBG3D Gwen Stacy V1 for G8F

CBG3D Gwen Stacy V1 for G8F.

This Character is a 1 to 1 replica of the Fortnite in-game model of "Spider-Verse" Gwen Stacy. Created atop of the Genesis 8 base Female, and comes chocked FULL of choices to enhance renders featuring her (See Details Below). She was made using Blender 3+, Wrap4D, Zbrush and PhotoShop. With her hand crafted custom skin material, along side a BONUS of 4 custom HDR render presets, she is ready to join in on your next project today.

From Resets that are as detailed As Lower Face Rig only, Visibility Presets to cover ANY POKE THRU, Outfit Files that break the ENTIRE outfit down to a part, 4 Custom Render Presets complete with Background EXRs and a COMPLETLY CUSTOM skin Featuring Micro Details... She is as ready to render as an item can get.

WIKIPEDIA Character Facts:

Spider-Gwen (also titled Ghost-Spider) is an ongoing comic book series published by Marvel Comics that began February 2015. The series revolves around Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, an alternate universe version of Gwen Stacy that debuted in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 as part of the 20142015 Spider-Man storyline "Spider-Verse". Spider-Gwen explores a universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, leading her to a career as the Spider-Woman of her world.


* To allow you a chance to see this model as it is. All promotional images are rendered in Nvidia Iray, with no POST work, and using the same Render presets contained within this package.

** Due to the major height difference between the base Genesis 8 Female and my Gwen Stacy Morph I am only adding one morph slider to convert the entire model at once. (e.g. There is no separated head and body options for this character.) **


DAZ Location:
People/Genesis 8 Female/Characters/CBG_3D/Gwen_Stacy_V1

This Product Requires:
* Genesis 8 Female
* Genesis 8 Starter Essentials

This Product Contains:

File Name:


UPDATED File Name:


1 Character Slider Dials
* Gwen_Stacy_V1
2 Morph Corrective Morphs (MCMs)
* MCM_CBG3DGwenV1_Blink_L
* MCM_CBG3DGwenV1_Blink_R
1 Outfit Hight Adjust Morph for Gwen_Gloves

1 Scene Subset
11 Material Presets
14 Wearable Presets
8 Pose Presets
3 Properties Preset
4 Render Presets (BONUS CONTENT)
1 Read Me

Textures INCLUDE:

File path:

Program Files/Runtime/Textures/CBG_3D/G/GwenStacy_V1

ExR's x 4

1. Bar2K.exr
2. Mall.exr
3. Plaza2KBlur.exr
4. SunnyDay.exr

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2/25/2023 UPDATE LOG:

Bug Repairs:

* Corrected the Material Presets loading in a error for the 6 Spider-Suit specular detail Presets
* Updated the saves of anything that referred to the OLD Spider-Suit materials
* Adjusted to Skin Detail texture Values to a more final render appearance

Compatible figures: 
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