3DA Deirdre for G8F

3DA Deirdre for G8F

Deirdre by 3-D Arena is a lovely custom character for Genesis 8 Female. She can be the girl next door or a Pict Warrior.

As with all current 3-D Arena characters you can select the eyeliner of your choice to be applied over her makeup, you can even mix eyeliners for different looks, creating a variety of options! She also includes the option to apply blush separately in different strengths/colours.

Included are a variety of eyebrow options, these are overlay options that will allow you to easily change the colours it you'd prefer. Keep in mind that the brows will only display in Iray Preview mode. There is also a "No Brow" option to allow you to use any fibermesh brows of your choice.

Deirdre's tattoo options come in white and woad blue. These can be applied as a full set covering arms, legs & torso or individually.

No morph packages are required!

☆ Included ☆

Shaping for Genesis 8 Female:

- Deirdre Character Preset
- Deirdre Custom Head Apply & Remove
- Deirdre Custom Body Apply & Remove
- Custom Square Nails Apply & Remove
- Custom Lash Morph (applies with head)
- Nipples Apply & Remove

MATS in IRay:

- Full Skin MAT
- 03 Translucency Options
- 08 Brow Colours + No Brow Option
- 07 Makeup Options + Nude
- Add/Remove Shine for Eyeshadows
- 04 Tribal Makeups
- 11 Lipstick Options + Nude
- 08 Blush L.I.E. options
- 05 Eyeliner L.I.E. options
- 04 Eyelash Styles in 2 Colours (total of 8 options)
- 10 Eye Colours
- 03 Sclera Options
- 14 Nails Options; 2 French , 1 Nude, 11 Solid Colours [fingers & toes]
- 02 Sets of Tattoos; White & Woad Blue ( arms, legs & torso) & remove tattoo options

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Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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