AB Graiae for Genesis 8.1 Female

AB Graiae for Genesis 8.1 Female

The Graiae is a fully original fantasy and mythological character for Genesis 8.1 Female.

In Greek Mythology, the Graiae were a group of primordial goddesses who shared a single tooth and eye. Their name literally means the Grey ones, and are sometimes referred to as the Grey Witches. They were sisters to the Gorgons and inhabited a mystic land in the far west close to the garden of the Hesperides.

Her body and head morphs are independent of other morphing packages and can be used without additional products.

The set includes the base character morphs, 3 hand-sculpted body and head variants, and additional morphs for an elongated cranium, hump, extra wrinkles, and bones.
The character also comes with fangs and claws for hands and feet, plus a toothless morph and a custom mouth shape that matches the position of the single over-lips fang (a prop).

Materials include a base skin and 2 types of eyes (normal and blind) with several color variants. An additional geoshell grants several metallic effects over the skin that root directly in her mythological background as an incarnation of the moon goddess (silver, copper, gold, and a carbon-dark hue for the new moon).

An Additional textured Eye (a prop) and an over-lips tooth in HD complete the character so that any Graiae version can be faithful to the myth. The Fang has also 5 additional morphs for customization and 4 position adjustment dialers,

Textured fibermesh eyebrows, facial hair, and hair are part of the character so to improve the general roughness of this ancient goddess-witch.

The character is completed by a set of poses for the Genesis 8.1 Female and the Graiae. The set includes 1 hierarchical pose for the characters holding the Additional Eye with its mirror and mirrored poses for both the left and right hand holding the eye.

Note: Materials are Iray only.

AB Graiae for Genesis 8.1 Female:

AB Graiae.duf
AB Graiae Full.duf
AuraBianca Renderosity Page.dsa

Shaping Presets:
AB Graiae Body APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Head APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Cranium Shape (+100/-100) APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Hump Shape (+100/-100) APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Fang Gum Shape (to be used with the prop big tooth) APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Fangs APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Foot Claws APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Hand Claws APPLY/REM
3 AB Graiae Head Shape Variants APPLY/REM
3 AB Graiae Body Shape Variants APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Jaw Forward APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Navel APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Nipples APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Toothless APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Additional Wrinkles APPLY/REM
AB Graiae Additional Boney Shape APPLY/REM

Material Options:
Full MAT
Base MAT
Skin MAT
Eyes MAT
Eyes Blind MAT
Mouth MAT
Eyelashes MAT
Tears MAT
3 Eye Colors (Gold, Grey, Red + 2 Opacity Options)
6 Eye Blind Colors (Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red)
3 Eye Blind Veins Colors (Blue, Purple, Red)

Geoshell Opacity (with 3 Options, 50%, 75%, 100%)
8 Geoshell Materials ( 2 Copper, 2 Gold, 3 Silver Carbon-Grey)

Fibermesh Eyebrows
Fibermesh Eyebrows MAT
Fibermesh Facial Hair
Fibermesh Facial Hair MAT
Fibermesh Hair
Fibermesh Hair MAT
Additional Fang
Additional Fang MAT
5 Additional Fang Morphs
4 Additional Fang Position Adjustment (X, Z Rotation, Move Side-Side, Forward-Back)
Additional Eye
2 Additional Eye Colors (Gold, Grey)

2 Hierarchical Poses for Genesis 8/8.1 Female (Left/Right - Character + Additional Eye)
2 Hierarchical Poses for Graiae HD (Left/Right - Character + Additional Eye)
2 Hand Poses for Genesis 8/8.1 Female (left and right hands)
2 Hand Poses for Graiae (left and right hands)

87 Textures, Bump, Specular, Normal, Opacity, Displacement, Glossiness (4096 to 4096 px)

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8.1 Female

Compatible figures: 
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