AB Siberian Ice Maiden for Genesis 8.1 Female

AB Siberian Ice Maiden for Genesis 8.1 Female

AB Siberian Ice Maiden for Genesis 8.1 Female is character based on the discovery of the mummified remains of a Scytho-Siberian woman who lived on the Eurasian Steppes in the 5th century BC. Her remainings were found undisturbed in a subterranean burial chamber on the Ukok Plateau, near the border between Russia and China.

She was a representative of the Pazyryk culture that flourished between the 6th and 2nd centuries BC in the Siberian steppe. She was most likely a priestess of high status.

At the moment of her death, which was caused (or co-caused) by breast cancer (one of the very first case surely attested in antiquity), she was between 25 and 30 years old, she was a virgin (a condition connected to her religious role) and consumed cannabis for rituals and to dull the pain her poor health condition caused her.

She was buried with great honors and from an anthropological point of view, she can be listed in the long ancient tradition of the virginal female figures which inspire peace, protection and wisdom.

Her body and head morphs are independent of other morphing packages and can be used without additional products. Facial features for Genesis 8.1 Female have been reconstructed through scientific evidence, the whole body proportion are based on compared analysis of Scythian women from ancient sources and modern anthropological analysis. Height (she was around 167 cm) is also based on proof.

According to DNA analysis, she was pale skinned, in the set some different hues are added to provided more flexibility and usability, the same can be said for the eyes that were dark. Additional colors such as light brown, green, blue, light blue and gray are all withing the range of the Scythians.

The fibermesh eyebrows and hair (which she had shaved) are faithful to the historical evidence.

The tattoos have been recreated though archaeological discoveries and placed where she originally carried them in life. Their design is typical to the Pazyryk culture and had a religious and social relevance. Many of them were strylized representations of animals, and they still transmit a sense of barbaric strength and spiritualism.

The tattoo presets are placed on a geoshell so that you can use them on any material or character. Several color options are offered to provide usability and fun.

The character is completed by make-up presets that are complementary with cosmetic techniques of her times. All make-ups are in the range colors of the vivianite, traces of which were found in maidens cosmetics bag.

Materials are IRAY only.

AB Siberian Ice Maiden for Genesis 8.1 Female:

AB Renderosity Page
AB Siberian Ice Maiden
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Full

Shaping Presets:
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Full APPLY/REM
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Head APPLY/REM
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Body APPLY/REM
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Cellulitis 01-02 APPLY/REM
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Fingernails APPLY/REM
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Genitalia APPLY/REM
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Hands Details APPLY/REM
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Height APPLY/REM
AB Siberian Ice Maiden Nipples APPLY/REM

Material Options:
Full MAT
Full MAT without Eyebrows
Base MAT
Eyes Base MAT
Base MAT without Eyebrows
Tears and Eyelashes MAT
5 Skin Color Variants (Base, Light, Dark, Olive, Tanned)
6 Eye Colors (Grey, Brown, Light Brown, Green, Blue, Light Blue)
6 Nails Colors (Grey, Green, Light Green, Pink, Purple, Blue)
3 Lip Color Variants + Glossy Effect ON/OFF
6 Make-ups LIE (Natural, Grey, Green, Light Green, Pink, Purple, Blue) + 2 Metallicity Effect ON/OFF
2 Eyeliner Options

AB Siberian Ice Maiden Geoshell
Geoshell Opacity Zero
Full Tattoo
Shoulder Tattoo
10 Geoshell Metals

Geoshell LIE Effects:
Forearm Tattoo 1 LIE
Forearm Tattoo 2 LIE
Thumb Tattoo LIE
Wrist Tattoo LIE

Eyebrows (duf)
Hair (duf)

Add-Ons Materials:
Eyebrows MAT
Hair MAT

Textures Include:
78 Textures, Height, Reflectivity, Diffuse, Normal, Opacity, Top Coat Weight, Flake (2048 to 4096 px)

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: Genesis 8.1 Female

Compatible figures: 
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