AB Snegurocka for Genesis 8.1 Female

AB Snegurocka for Genesis 8.1 Female

Snegurocka, or Snow Maiden, is a character in Russian folk tales. While she has no evident roots in traditional Slavic mythology, she became popular in the 19th Century thanks to an opera in four acts with a prologue by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The Russian libretto is based on the like-named play by Alexander Ostrovsky, with music by Tchaikovsky.

Ever since, she has been depicted as the granddaughter and helper of Ded Moroz (the Slavic Father Christmas) and is particularly loved by children at New Year parties, symbolizing charm and kindness.

Her body and head morphs are independent of other morphing packages and can be used without additional products.

The set includes the base character morphs, fingernails, toenails, nipples, navel, genitalia, and cellulitis. Since she is provided with small elegant goat horns, horn sockets are also included. The set is completed by 2 ear morphs (short and long).

The package also comes with fibermesh hair, eyebrows, and beard, plus 3 different body hairs, all made in the guise of ice-like quills.

The character comes with 3 different skin materials (blue, grey, and red), which can be combined with 6 different hues (blue, green, light blue, pink, purple, and yellow) through a sub-skin geoshell.

The set is also provided with ice and bone-like materials for the teeth, the full mouth, and the horns.
A makeup LIE subset completes the character, along with a separate option for lip metallicity (on/off) and simple glitter.

Note: Materials are Iray only.

AB Snegurocka for Genesis 8.1 Female:

• AuraBianca Renderoity Page.dsa
• AB Snegurocka.duf
• AB Snegurocka Full.duf

• Shaping Presets:
o AB Snegurocka Head INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Body INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Fingernails INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Toenails INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Cellulitis INJ (+100/-100)/REM
o AB Snegurocka Ear Long INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Ear Short INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Genitalia INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Horn Sockets INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Fangs INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Nipples INJ/REM
o AB Snegurocka Navel INJ/REM

• Material Options:
o Base MAT
o Full MAT
o 3 Skin Color Variants (Blue, Grey Red)
o Eyelashes MAT
o Tears MAT
o 3 Face MAT no brows (Blue, Grey Red)
o 2 Mouth and Teeth MATS (Base and Ice)
o 3 Fingernails and Toenails MATS (Blue, Grey Red)
o 3 Eye Colors (Blue, Grey Red)
o 3 Eyelashes Colors (Blue, Grey Red)
o 3 LIE Make-ups (Blue, Grey Red, Metallicity ON/OFF)
o 3 LIE Lip Colors (Blue, Grey Red, Metallicity ON/OFF, Glitter only)

• Hair:
o Fibermesh Beard (with ice and Bone-like MATS)
o Fibermesh Eyelashes (with ice and Bone-like MATS)
o Fibermesh Hair (wearable with skullcap and hair with ice and Bone-like MATS)
o 3 Fibermesh Body Hair (Short, Mid, Long with ice and Bone-like MATS)

• Anatomy:
o Horns (with ice and Bone-like MATS and position adjustment)

• Geoshell:
o AB Snegurocka Shell
o 7 Geoshell Colors (Base, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow)

• Textures:
o 107 Textures, Bump, Specular, Normal, Opacity, Flake (2048 to 4096 px)

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8.1 Female

Compatible figures: 
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