African Teen Sisters for G8F

African Teen Sisters for G8F

Let me introduce you: Femi, Kya and Zina. With "African Teen Sisters" you get 3 complete different full teen characters and one versatile Skintexture with many options. You can apply a full charactershape or mix head- and bodyshapes to create more teen characters. Of course with the included material presets you can make them more unique.
As all head- and bodyshapes are custom sculpted you only need the G8F base figure. NO other morphs or package is required.

Included Morph/ Shape (INJ) Presets:
- Apply Femi Full Shape
- Apply Kya Full Shape
- Apply Zina Full Shape
- Reset Body
- Reset Head
- Apply Femi Body
- Apply Femi Head
- Apply Kya Body
- Apply Kya Head
- Apply Zina Body
- Apply Zina Head
- Apply/ Rem Long Lashes
- Apply/ Rem Medium Lashes
- Apply/ Rem Navel


- Apply Full Skin
- Normals ON / OFF
- 2 Skin Gloss presets
- 3 Translucency presets

- 5 Colours for the BROWS - Layered (L.I.E.)
- 1 NO Brows L.I.E.

EYES & Lashes:
- 6 Realistic Eye Colours
- Lashes Materials

- 12 Lip Colours + natural Lips
- 1 Lips Glitter + Remove Glitter
- Lips Glossy (default), Low Gloss

- 12 Make-Ups
- 2 Add Glitter Styles + Remove Glitter
- 1 Reset Face

- 2 Blusher LIE (layered)
- 1 Eyeliner LIE

Note: Materials are optimized for iray. All promo images are rendered in DAZ Studio with iray.
NO POSTWORK DONE ON CHARACTER IMAGES. (Only compilation on background)
Promo-credits: Hair: Braided Pony Tail, Lil Bee Hair G8F (Samsil), Havana Hair for G3F, Goddess Braids G3/8F (@DAZ) (April at DAZ), Clothing:CombiWax Pack G3F (Samsil), Vernea Fae Outfit G8F (@DAZ), Flower Child G8F (Lully), SPST G8F Top (RainbowLight), Amber Clothing G8F (3D Universe @DAZ), Retro Ruffles (@DAZ)

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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