Aliki is a realistic modern and versatile character for your renders. She loves music and is a popular singer. Her head and body are custom sculpted in ZBrush. She comes with many options to customize and 3 different SkinTones! You only need the G8F base figure for her to work. NO other morphs or package is required. You can apply the included full character preset or the separate head- and body-shape preset.

Included Morph/ Shape (INJ) Presets:
- Apply Full Character (Loads with G8F eye-lashes already applied)
- Apply/ Rem Body
- Apply/ Rem Head
- Apply/ Rem Longer Lashes
- Apply/ Rem Navel
- Apply/ Rem Long Nails
- Apply/Rem Aliki Genital Morph

Included Mats for DAZ Studio Iray
Textures: Diffuse-,Bump-,Specular-,Translucency-,Normal Maps

The materials make use of the new Iray Material settings.
This means you need DAZ Studio version or higher to get the best results for your renders.

Body Presets:
- 2 Full Skin presets (With pubic hair and No pubic hair)
- 3 SkinTone presets (See Promo-images for examples)
- 2 presets Normal maps: ON, OFF

Give her the look you prefer by mixing MakeUps, L.I.E. Eye-Liner, Add Glitter to lips and or eyeshadow, apply a Nailcolor and make her special with the included music Tattoos.

Face Presets:
- 7 Unique Eyes & Colors
- 4 Lashes Style Mats & 1 Reset Style
- 5 Lashes Colors
- 14 LipColors & 1 Default Lips
- 7 Glitter Colors to Apply to any LipColor
- 1 Remove Glitter
- 8 EyeShadows
- 6 MakeUp Glitter Colors (To use with Any EyeShadow or alone)
- 1 Remove MakeUp Glitter

NAILS: 12 Nail Colors and 1 Default Natural

L.I.E. (Layered Images presets)
- 2 L.I.E. EyeBrows (Dark & Light)
- 1 L.I.E. NO BROWS (To use with other Brows-presets or Fibermesh-brows if you have so)
- 7 L.I.E. Eye-Liners
- 1 L.I.E. Blush
- 6 L.I.E. Music Tattoos for Arms: 3x Left Arm and 3x Right Arm (Black, White, Color)

BONUS: ALIKI SMILE MORPH EXPRESSION! A Morph Dial, 2 Smile Presets and 1 Remove Smile preset.

NO POSTWORK DONE ON CHARACTER IMAGES (Only compilation on background).

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio