ANDREA Teen for G8F

ANDREA Teen for G8F

Andrea is a freckled lovely teen character and comes with 2 Age Presets: Younger Teen (default) and Older Teen. She is a versatile character and can be naughty and also very cute to match your scene in DAZ Studio.
As she is custom sculpted you only need the G8F base figure for her to work. NO other morphs or package is required. You can apply the included full character preset or the separate head- and body-shape preset.

**To make her even more unique you can Apply the included Andrea Teeth Morph! And as a Bonus you can apply her own SMILE as you will find a special Andrea-Smile-Expression Morph Dial.

Included Morph/ Shape (INJ) Presets:
- Apply Full Character (loads with the younger Teen Shape)
- Apply Andrea Teen
- Apply Andrea Teen Older
- Apply/ Rem Andrea Teeth
- Apply/ Rem Body
- Apply/ Rem Head
- Apply/ Rem Andrea Lashes
- Apply/ Rem Navel

MATERIALS:For maximum versatility you can Apply Full Skin with Brows or with NO Brows (If you like to use Fibermesh Brows)
Body Presets:
- 1 Full Skin preset with Brows, 1 Full Skin preset NO Brows)
- 3 SSS (translucency) presets
- Normals ON / OFF
- Skin Gloss Presets: LOW gloss (default), MEDIUM gloss, HIGH Gloss

BROWS L.I.E.: You can choose from 10 different colours for the brows. (See Promos for example)

- 5 Make-Ups with Brows, 5 Make-Ups NO Brows
- 1 Metallic Gold Eyeliner Overlay (Works with all Make-Ups or alone)
FACE L.I.E (layered)
- 5 L.I.E. Eyeshadows
- 1 Blusher LIE
- 2 Eyeliner LIE
1 Reset Face + Brows, 1 Reset Face NO Brows

- 8 Lip Colors + natural Lips
- 1 Glossy preset - 1 Matte preset for Lips

NAILS: (Nail color will apply to Finger- and Toe Nails)
- 9 Nail-colors + natural Nails

EYES & Lashes:
- 8 Eye Colors
- 7 Lashes Colors

(See also readme.txt for more details)

Included Mats for DAZ Studio Iray
Textures: Diffuse-,Bump-,Specular-,Translucency-,Normal Maps

BONUS Smile: 1 Apply / Rem Andrea-Smile-Expression + 1 Andrea-Smile-Expression Morph Dial
(You can find the expression morph under tab for the HEAD Morph)

Just play with the options and enjoy!

(Only compilation on background)

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Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  NO other morphs required. You only need G8F Base

Compatible figures: 
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