BOY-GIRL Genesis 3 Female

BOY-GIRL Genesis 3 Female

This is a set of 7 unique custom sculpted morphs for use with Genesis 3 Female(s). No other Morphs or package required.

With this small set of morphs you can change your Genesis 3 Female into a boy or girl with some masculine shapes and manly appearance. Create the boy-girl you like. Mix and combine shapes with only the included morphs and/or with all other morphs you already own for your G3F based characters.
If you wish a little variation in your Genesis 3 Female characters, you can change the entire body and/or face with ease using these morphs.

VERSATILITY: And maybe best of all: YOUR BOY-GIRL CAN SHARE CLOTHING WITH YOUR GENESIS 3 FEMALES. Most clothing for your G3F will fit the shapes automatically through the Auto-Follow system in DAZ Studio.

With the sliders (which you can find under the Tab Shaping) you can mix and match shapes for Body and/or Head.
All morph-sliders you can find together in the following Tab Shaping for easy access: Actor > Full Body > People > Mar3D > Boy-Girl

7 Custom Morphs + sliders(dials) + Presets INJ files:
Boy-Girl Male Body
Boy-Girl Head
Boy-Girl Small Body
Boy-Girl Muscular
Boy-Girl Breasts
Boy-Girl Genitals Female
Boy-Girl Genitals Male (Bulge)

7 Remove Presets (INJ files)
1 Reset ALL Preset
7 Full Body Presets (INJ files):
1 Boy-Girl Female, 1 Boy-Girl Male, 1 Boy-Girl Hermaphrodite, 4 Mixed Body presets.

Note that this is only a custom Shape / Morph set. You need the Genesis 3 Female Base shape to use this set.
No character, hair, clothing, props, poses or textures are included. It will work perfectly with the texture which is included with your free Genesis 3 Female Base or any other texture created for the Genesis 3 Female base characters.

Required product/software: DAZ Studio 4.8 or higher
Genesis 3 Female base (Free with DAZ Studio at

This package will not work with Poser

Products used in PROMOS:
Aram Hair by SAV, Light Elf by Mar3d (for the skin only), Action Girl, Jeans by Exnem, Lingerie for G3F by Powerage, Schoolgirl Crush by Rhiannon3D, Lady Classic Pumps by DM, Hot Fashion, Yoga by Rainbowlight, Hot Secretary for G3F by Outoftouch (at
Dark Storm Boots (at

Software: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  NO other Morphs required

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio