Chameleon ROse for Genesis 8 Female

Chameleon ROse for Genesis 8 Female

A very high-detailed & realistic character for Daz Genesis 8 Female, comes full with group of morphs(natural morphs) designed specially for this custom character head/body shape, to give it more realistic look while posing/moving her body parts (they work automatically while you pose her). It's also bundled with high quality textures varies from 4k to 8k sizes for its skin mateials. And more:

Included in this package:

* Character shape (head/body)
* 1 wearable preset to add the full character stuff (its skin mat, anatomy assets, ...etc)
* 4 anatomy figure assets (Eye Lashes, Brows, Peach Fuzz, Pubic Hair)
* 2 presets to Apply/Remove its full shape
* 3 presets to Apply different chest shapes (natural breasts, big chest cleavage, no big breasts)
* 2 presets to Apply/Remove her special Natural morphs to all other Genesis Female(s) characters
NOTE: those special Natural morphs are designed basically for Chameleon ROse & automatically work for her only, until you use those (Enable/Disable) presets above for any other G8F character
* 2 mateial presets for Full body skin & skin for Daz Genitalia of Genesis female Base
* 3 eye brows colors
* 4 eye lashes colors
* 5 eye colors
* 5 face makeup colors
* lingerie of Bra & Panty (designed specially for Chameleon ROse & comes with its Flesh Pressure morphs, but works for other G8F characters through auto-follow)
* 3 colors for Bra & Panty (can be applied for each one separately)
* necklace figure asset with Rose shape attached to sting-blade (see the promos)
* 3 colors for the necklace rose
* 2 Full body poses (Both include eyes poses & face expression, one of them includes pose for the Necklace & cleavage value)
* 1 Pose to Zero/reset the Necklace.
* 75 texture maps (Diffuse, Specularity, Dual Lobe, Metalicity, Roughness, Bump, Normal, Displacement, Opacity) 1024x1024 px, 2048x2048 px, 4096x4096 px, 8192x8192 px
* Metadata for "Smart Content" included

Please Note:
"The Natural morphs & any conforming asset comes with this item" are specially created for Chameleon ROse & works well for her, despite they work for all other G8F characters through auto-follow but sometimes they may not give you the same best results they give with Chameleon ROse.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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