CW_Mel for Genesis 8 Female

CW_Mel for Genesis 8 Female

CW_Mel for Genesis 8 Female

Ebony skin, full lips, eyes that can see deep into your soul, Mel for GF8 embodies it all.
She is a beautiful and proud woman, a fantasy character who embodies a ruler from 1001 Nights.
Her geoshell makeup and body tattoos have metallic sheen.
Whether in gold or one of the many other colors,
they appear mysterious and majestic at the same time.
Just like her geometric earrings that flatter her beautiful face.
With Mel you get a unique,
magically beautiful character with tons of material to stage her according to your wishes.

Full Character:


Shaping Presets:

- CW_Mel_Eyelashes Apply/Rem
- CW_Mel_Full Apply/Rem
- CW_Mel_Head Apply/Rem
- CW_Mel_Body Apply/Rem
- CW_Mel_Pupil Apply/Rem
- CW_Mel_Eyebrow
- CW_Mel_Ears Apply/Rem
- CW_Mel Navel Apply/Rem
- CW_Mel_Nipples Apply/Rem
- CW_Mel_Nails Apply/Rem

Material Iray Options for Genesis 8 Female:

- CW_Mel MAT Iray Skin

- 18 Eye Colors
- 12 Brows Colors
- 3 different Eyelashes/10 Collor+ Metallic Shader
- 12 Makeup Face/ 3 Eyeshadow-Maske + 10 Metallic Glitter
- 16 Lips Colors/Gold/silber + 10 Metallic Glitter
- 10 Nails Colors
- 3 Skin Color

Options LIE presets:
- 2 Blush LIE
- 3 Face Eyeliner LIE
- Face Smeared Makeup LIE
Face Freckles LIE
- Face Birthmark LIE

- Face Eyeliner Geoshell/3 Eyeliner Maske
- Face Eyeliner Doys
- Mel_Face Freckles Geoshell
+ 10 Color

Body Geoshell;

- Body Jewelry
- Legs Jewelry
- Neck Jewelry
+ 10 Color


- CW_Mel's Earrings

Note;If you want to use new Makeup/Skin Color, you'll need to reload the LIES/Metallic Glitter as well

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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