HF Jemm for Genesis 8 Female

HF Jemm for Genesis 8 Female

Jemm had been a super-power young woman with a bright future before she fell in the hands of a band of super-villains who broke her mentally and physically. The once brilliant girl became a night stalker and a detective, systematically pursuing criminal of all kinds. Her 3 body and 2 head morphs are independent of other morphing packages and can be used without additional products. Plus, she comes with an additional “fallen” face morph from her dark days, nipple, areolas, navel, round, square and broken nails, and an expression adjustment set for both her heads for extreme face morphs. She also comes with 2 eyebrows and 3 torso pubic hair options (shaved, dark and fuchsia), 6 eye color option (3 normal and 3 glowing), 3 lip options along with 3+3 smudged LIE lips, 6 makeup options (3 normal and 3 smudged), 3 nail options (with an additional damage dial-on effect).
Materials are Iray only.

HF Jemm for Genesis 8 Female:
HF Jemm 01 (.DUF)
HF Jemm 02 (.DUF)
HF71 Renderosity Page (DSA)

Shaping Presets:
Full 01 (INJ/REM)
Full 02 (INJ/REM)
Body Base (INJ/REM)
Body Athletic (INJ/REM)
Body Fallen (INJ/REM)
Head 1 (INJ/REM)
Head 2 (INJ/REM)
Fingernails Rounded (INJ/REM)
Fingernails Squared (INJ/REM)
Fingernails Broken (INJ/REM)
Genitalia (INJ/REM)
Nipples (INJ/REM)
Navel (INJ/REM)
Areola Size (INJ/REM)
Eye Expression ADJ for Head 1 (INJ/REM)
Eye Expression ADJ for Head 2 (INJ/REM)

Material Presents:
Base MAT
Full MAT
2 Face Options (Dark and Fuchsia Eyebrows)
3 Torso Pubic Hair Options (Shaved, Diamond-shaped Dark and Fuchsia)
3 Eye Options (Brown, Grey, Fuchsia)
3 Glowing Eye Options (Blue, Yellow, Fuchsia)
3 Lip Options (Purple, Grey, Fuchsia)
6 Smudged Lip LIE Options (Purple, Grey, Fuchsia)
3 MU LIE Options (Purple, Grey, Fuchsia)
3 Smudged MU LIE Options (Purple, Grey, Fuchsia)
3 Fingernails Options (Purple, Grey, Fuchsia)
1 Additional Damaged Effect for Fingernails
Textures Include: 60 Texture Maps (from 2048 to 4096)

PC and MAC compatible.
Daz Studio 4.10 and up and Genesis 8 Female

Can be used in Commercial and Non-Commercial renderings.

Products shown in promo renders are used for promotional purpose only and are not included in this product.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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