HF Kometa for Genesis 8 Female

HF Kometa for Genesis 8 Female

Kometa is a fully original character for Genesis 8 Female.
The character is loosely inspired by teen science-fiction characters of the late sixties and early seventies, mixing, innocence and wilderness in an unearthly fashion.
Her body and head morphs are independent of other morphing packages and can be used without additional products.
The set includes separate head and body morphs, fingernails, toenails, teeth. Morphs for nipples and genitalia are also included.
Since The character has been designed to be formed by pure solar energy (thus her natural lava-like skin), a geoshell containment suit with 5 different color variants has been added. Each version of the geoshell suit can also be combined with the emission effects of the skin, offering a vast range of costumizable options.
A rigged head-tail is also part of the character and comes with a set of 9 morphs for movement orientation and size. The tail has also 3 complementary geoshells (Metal, Smoke and Sparks) that can be combined for almost an endless number of visual possibilities such as fire, ice, rock, metal smoke. Each and the tails material as well with its own displacement and emission effects.
Eyelashes have also customized shape and materials (sparks and smoke) that complements and complete the alien attitude of the character.
Note: Materials are Iray only.

HF Kometa for Genesis 8 Female:

Hellfyre Renderosity Page.dsa
HF Kometa.duf

Shaping Presets:
HF Kometa Head APPLY/REM
HF Kometa Body APPLY/REM
HF Kometa Fingernails APPLY/REM
HF Kometa Genitalia APPLY/REM
HF Kometa Nipples APPLY/REM
HF Kometa Teeth APPLY/REM
HF Kometa Toenails APPLY/REM
HF Kometa Eyelashes APPLY/REM

HF Kometa Geoshell Suit
HF Kometa Tail (Rigged, Attachment)
3 Kometa Tail Geoshells (Metal/Smoke/Sparks)

Material Options:
Full MAT
Base MAT
Eyes Base MAT
Mouth Base MAT
3 Emission Effects (Full MAT/ Eyes/Mouth) APPLY/REM
5 Eyelashes MAT (Smoke Light/Dark, Sparks Base/Fire/Ice)
Geoshell Suit MAT
5 Suit Color Variants (Bronze/Copper/Gold/Light Gold/Silver)
3 Tail Color Variants (Bronze/Copper/Gold)
5 Geoshell Metal Color Variants (Bronze/Copper/Gold/Light Gold/Silver)
2 Tail/Geoshell Metal Emission Effects (Red/Yellow) APPLY/REM
Tail/Geoshell Metal Displacement Effect APPLY/REM
2 Tail/Geoshell Metal Opacity Effect (Magma/Rock) APPLY/REM
3 Geoshell Smoke Effect (Base/Dark/Light)
2 Geoshell Smoke Displacement Effect (High/Low)
2 Geoshell Smoke Opacity Effect
2 Geoshell Sparks Effect (Fire/Ice)
2 Geoshell Sparks Opacity Effect
6 Tail MAT Presets

Pose Options:
9 Tail Moving Options (Angle/Bend Back-Forward/Bend Left-Right/Length/Move Front-Back/Move Up-Down/Twist/Wave Back-Forward/Wave Left-Right)
1 Tail Zero Pose

Textures Include:
87 Textures: Base Color, Bump, Roughness, Normal, Opacity, Metallicity (4096 x 4096 px)

PC and MAC compatible.
Daz Studio 4.10 and up and Genesis 8 Female
Can be used in Commercial and Non-Commercial renderings.
Products shown in promo renders are used for promotional purpose only and are not included in this product:
dForce Alternate Future Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) @ DAZ

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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