HF Vypera for Genesis 8 Female

HF Vypera for Genesis 8 Female

Vypera is a reptilian alien huntress who got stranded on Earth.
Her body and head morphs are independent of other morphing packages and can be used without additional products.

She comes with a set of dialable morphs including fingernails, toenails, snake teeth, spiked nose (to be true to her namesake), knees, elbows, and spine, 2 armored pelvic bones, 2 different nipples, 2 ear shapes, an option for the body enhancing the muscle definition, 2 snake tongues (long and short), horizontal and vertical slits for the pupils, along with an iris size-changing morph.
She also comes with a geoshell which adds different hues to her natural glossy skin (blue, green, grey, orange, purple, red, dark red, yellow), with eye colors matching the skin shades.

HF Vypera for Genesis 8 Female:
HF Vypera (.DUF)
HF71 Renderosity Page (DSA)

Shaping Presets:
Full (INJ/REM)
Body (INJ/REM)
Body Muscular (INJ/REM)
Head (INJ/REM)
Ears 1 (INJ/REM)
Ears 2 (INJ/REM)
Fingernails (INJ/REM)
Genitalia (INJ/REM)
Genitalia Armor 1 (INJ/REM)
Genitalia Armor 2 (INJ/REM)
Nipples 1 (INJ/REM)
Nipples 2 (INJ/REM)
Snake Teeth (INJ/REM)
Snake Tongue Long (INJ/REM)
Snake Tongue Short (INJ/REM)
Irises Size (INJ/REM)
Pupil Slit Horizzontal (INJ/REM)
Pupil Slit Vertical (INJ/REM)
Toenails (INJ/REM)

Material Presents:
Base MAT
Full MAT
Mouth MAT
Eyelashes MAT
Fingernails MAT
Toenails MAT
9 Eye Colors (Base, blue, green, grey, orange, purple, red and dark red, yellow)

Vypera Geoshell
Geoshell Opacity
8 Geoshell MATs (blue, green, grey, orange, purple, red and dark red, yellow)
Textures Include: 41 Texture Maps (4096 x 4096)

PC and MAC compatible.
Daz Studio 4.10 and up and Genesis 8 Female
Can be used in Commercial and Non-Commercial renderings.
Products shown in promo renders are used for promotional purpose only and are not included in this product:
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Standing Idle for Genesis 8 Female and Male @ DAZ
HF Scratch it! Poses for Genesis 8 Female


DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio