NEW Sisters for G3F - Full Custom Character Morphs

NEW Sisters for G3F - Full Custom Character Morphs

Maybe now it is time to expand your Genesis 3 Family. With these 5 unique custom sculpted full character morphs you will have New Sisters from different ages to add to your characters.
Age range: From a 8 years old girl to an adult. Every character-shape is custom sculpted and unique.

Note that this is only a custom shape / Morph set. No character, hair, clothing, props or textures are included. You can use any G3F character skin textures. Clothing for your G3F will automatically use the auto-follow system in DAZ Studio to fit the shapes.
See some examples in the promo-images.

You can use this set fully without other package or morphs. You only need the Genesis 3 Female Base to use these Shape / Character Morphs.
It is also a good addition to my other product “My Sisters for G3F” and complete different!

What you get with this package:
- 5 unique character shape-morphs with sliders /dials (with 10 shape presets: 5 full New Sister shapes & 5 combined- shapes).
- 1 Growing Breasts Adjustment morph slider (with 2 presets).
- 1 TEETH morph with slider for longer incisors to create even more unique details to your characters. (With presets for long, medium, normal length)

You can use the included presets or use the sliders to adjust a shape, length or mix character Morphs and create new shapes.
RESET presets are also included.

(Please see readme.txt for more details)

BONUS: 1 Group Pose (See Promo image) + 8 Facial Expressions (created on New Sister 5).
You can find a folder for the Group-Poses and Expressions in the same place where you find the folder with the shape-presets.


Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio