Noelia for G8F

Noelia for G8F

Noelia is a nice girl in her late teens. She has a friendly face and she loves to play different music instruments. She is full of talent and is beloved by her friends because of her optimism.

Her soft skin is created using a combination of HR photos and resources and some handpainted parts. As she is custom sculpted you only need the G8F base figure for her to work. NO other morphs or package is required. You can apply the included full character preset or the separate head- and body-shape preset.

Included Morph/ Shape (INJ) Presets:
- Apply Full Character (Loads with full Skin + Lashes-Mats)
- Apply/Rem Noelia Body Shape
- Apply/Rem Noelia Head
- Apply/ Rem Long Lashes
- Apply/ Rem Navel

- 1 Full Skin preset with brows
- 1 Full Skin preset NO brows (If you like to use Fibermesh brows)
- Brows Displacement ON / OFF
- 3 SSS (translucency) presets for lighter/darker skintone
- Normals ON / OFF

BROWS L.I.E.(Layered):
- 9 colours LIE-Brows (Default colour Included)
- Brows Displacement ON/OFF (Option for fuller brows)

EYES & Lashes:
- 6 Eye Colours
- Lashes Materials

- 14 Lip Colours
- Natural Lips Colour
- Apply Soft Lips (Less detail)
- Apply Realistic Lips (More detail; Default)

Make-Ups (overlays)
- 10 Eye Shadows + 10 Eye Shadows with Liner
- Remove Make Up Overlay
- Shimmer Apply (gold)
- Shimmer Apply (silver)
- Shimmer REMOVE

L.I.E Make Ups (layered)
- 2 Blusher LIE
- 4 Eyeliner LIE
- 5 LIE MakeUps
- 2 Flower (forehead) MakeUp LIE
- 1 Reset Natural Face with brows
- 1 Reset Natural Face NO brows

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio