Nylen for Genesis 9

Nylen for Genesis 9

What is this product?
Fantasy Dark Elf full character.

Package includes:

- Separate morhps for Body, Ears and Head
- All needed textures
- Materials for body, face, mouth, eyes
- Shaders for skin
- INJ and REM files for body, head, ears
- Figure (character) file

What can you do with this character?

This character will work just as well with textures from this pack and with textures from other characters.
The ear morph is separate from the head morph, so you can also use Nylen as a human character.

- Full character figure file: People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Nylen.duf
- Character shape presets (INJ & REM files): People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Nylen/
- Materials files: People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Nylen/Materials/
- Shaders files: People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Nylen/Shaders/
Morphs (body, head): Parameters/Actor/Characters/Female/
Morphs (ears): Parameters/Actor/Characters/Fantasy
Textures files: Runtime/textures/ArMa-Vision/AMV_G9_Nylen/



Q: Can I use this product commercially?
A: Yes. This product can be used for commercial purposes.

Q: Does this product work with your G9 Creation Kit?
A: Yes. This product works perfectly with all morphs from our G9 CK.

Q: Does this product contain textures?
A: Yes, this product includes all textures. All promotional images were made only using textures in this package.

Q: Does this product work with base clothes for Genesis 9?
A: Yes. This product works perfectly with clothes for Genesis 9 and most clothes for Genesis 8.

Q: Does this product work with hair for older versions of Genesis figure?
A: Yes. This product works with hair for all versions of Genesis.

Q: Can I use this product with my own G9 character?
A: This product will work well with any other G9 character.

Background Story

Who is Nylen?
Nylen is my own character, created for text rpg game.
The appearance of the Nylen is inspired by the elven race from a well-known and well-liked universe. Although Nylen looks feisty, she is the epitome of calm and youthful joy. She is a neutrally good character. She is a girl who will never pass by an injured animal or a hungry person indifferently. She is a cheerful person who will not sit in one place for more than a few minutes.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.21 (Needed for Genesis 9)

Compatible figures: Genesis 9

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio