Pearl for Genesis 8.1 Female and Coral 8.1

Pearl for Genesis 8.1 Female and Coral 8.1

Meet Pearl...

A beautiful and unique new character for the Genesis 8.1 Female! From the depths of the ocean comes Pearl HD, a breathtakingly beautiful mermaid straight from legends of old~~~ In human form, if you look closely, you can see the mermaid in her, from her pearlescent skin to her elongated fingers, not quite human but ethereally beautiful.

Pearl HD for G8.1 Female has been optimized for DAZ Studio 4.15+ with advanced shaders and DAZ Studio specific material settings to achieve maximum results in DAZ Studio 4.15+. Pearl HD comes with 2 full character presets, human and mermaid; 1 each Full, Head & Body Custom HD APPLY/REM; 1 Custom Nipple HD APPLY/REM; 1 Custom Fibermesh Eyebrow Anatomy APPLY; 1 Custom Eyelash Anatomy APPLY; 1 Tear Anatomy APPLY; 1 Mermaid Tail Anatomy APPLY.

Pearl comes with 4 different skin setting options, 1 human glow, and 3 mermaid glows. Utility dufs are also included to help change all or specific parts of the body and tail for each of these settings.

There is one complete set of natural skin textures for Pearl, set up for all 4 skin settings; 9 color eyebrow MATs; 9 color eyelash MATs; 1 natural face texture plus 7 face makeup textures, 2 versions each plus the 4 different skin settings for each; 1 natural lip texture plus 7 lip colors, 2 versions gloss and glitter, plus 4 skin settings for each; 18 eye colors plus 6 scleras variations, including a bloodshot and a seawater version; 5 complete sets of mermaid body & tail skins in all 4 skin settings; 5 shell top textures, in 2 versions each, set up in all 4 skin settings; 1 natural plus 8 nail colors.

BONUS: 5 mermaid tail poses used in promotional images are included.

This set has a number of individual maps with specific settings for each piece specifically designed for bump; displacement; normals; sub-d blood vessels & veins; specular; sub surface scattering; highlight & ambient occlusion settings. These are designed to boost the realism and more utilize the functions of DAZ Studio 4.15+. DUF files have been included for Iray only due to the nature of the advanced mapping specifically designed for the realism of the Iray rendering system. Genesis 8.1 Female is required to utilize this character set and uses the Genesis 8.1 Base UV maps.

REQUIREMENTS: Genesis 8.1 Female; Coral 8.1 Female

REQUIRED PROGRAMS: DAZ Studio 4.15+ (Daz Studio 4.9.4+)

PLEASE NOTE: Genesis 8.1 Female & Coral 8.1 Female is required to utilize this character set and uses the Genesis 8.1 Base UV maps.


02 Custom Character presets for Pearl 8.1 HD Character, Human & Mermaid

02 Custom Complete HD Head & Body APPLY/REM
02 Custom Head HD APPLY/REM
01 Custom Body HD APPLY/REM
01 Custom HD Nipple APPLY/REM

01 Custom Fibermesh Eyebrow Anatomy APPLY
01 Custom Eyelash Anatomy APPLY
01 Pearl Tear Anatomy APPLY
01 Pearl Tail Anatomy APPLY

04 FULL MATs for Pearl HD skin
01 Brow MAT for Pearl Brows
01 Lash MAT for Pearl Lashes
01 Eye MAT for Pearl Eyes
01 Tear MAT for Pearl Tear
01 Nail MAT for Pearl Nails
60 Face MATs for Pearl
64 Lip MATs for Pearl Lips
18 Eye Color MATs for Pearl Eyes
06 Sclera MATs for Pearl Eyes
09 Brow MATs
09 Lash MATs
09 Fingernail MATs
40 Mermaid MATs for Pearl Body & Tail
60 Shell Top MATs for Pearl Body & Tail
08 CLEAR Utility MATs for Pearl Shell Top Body & Tail

15 Glow Settings

05 Poses for Coral 8.1 Tail
02 CLEAR Utility MATs for Pearl Body & Tail


77 Texture Maps
54 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement/Normals/SSS Maps
05 TRANSmaps
(map sizes: 4096x4096 / 2048x2048 / 1200x1200)

002 Character presets
004 Anatomy Files
006 APPLY/REM Morph files
025 Utility DUF files
005 Pose files
339 Daz|Studio 4.15 Iray DUF files

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8.1 Female

Requirements: Coral 8.1

Compatible figures: 
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