Perfect PinUp Combo Set for G8F

Perfect PinUp Combo Set for G8F

This combo set specially designed for Genesis 8 Female(s) contains two products in one:

1) Perfect PinUp Character:
EdArt3D’s Perfect PinUp for G8F is very versatile & takes the characteristics of the PinUp from the 40s and 50s to slightly voluptuous bodies, small feet, fine hands; Face with cheeky cheeks, sparkling eyes, slightly snub nose and lips with well defined outline.

2) Clothing Set:
Fifties Fashion Style1 MK2 contains 2 pieces of high quality clothing meshes, perfect for retro & futuristic PinUp Art !
This set is not a simple conversion from the Genesis 3 version; the meshes are slighly different (mesh optimized);
the UV MAPs are totally news (old textures not compatible); rigidity maps are introduced to stabilize some elements;
New custom FX; Adjusting and FBM morphs included to support a wide variety of bodyshapes including the included
EdArt3D's Perfect PinUp for G8F.

Package Content (Characters directory) :
Perfect_PinUp.duf (Full Character Preset)

MATS Iray :
Perfect_PinUp1 All MATs.duf (Hierarchical MATs Presets => Full character and EyeLashes)

- MakeUp1 (Default).duf
- MakeUp2.duf
- MakeUp3.duf

- Brown_Dark (default).duf
- Brown.duf
- Hazel.duf
- Blue_Grey.duf
- Blue.duf

3_Lashes: (select G8F Eyelashes figure)
- PinUp (Default).duf
- Glamour.duf
- Extravaganza.duf

- Natural (Default).duf
- Glamour.duf
- Extravaganza.duf

Body Apply.duf
Body Remove.duf
Head Apply.duf
Head Remove.duf
Nipples (ON).duf
Nipples (OFF).duf
Nails Length (ON).duf
Nails Length (OFF).duf
EyeLashes_Length (ON).duf (select G8F Eyelashes figure)
EyeLashes_Length (OFF).duf (select G8F Eyelashes figure)

Package Content (Clothing directory) :
- Fifties1_Bottom.duf (17 Adjusting & FX Morphs + 6FBM)
- Fifties1_Top.duf (16 Adjusting & FX Morphs + 6FBM)

Iray MATs:

- Summer 1...5
- Polka Dots 1...5

Daz Studio Only Product (created in Daz Studio Pro 64bits version) Previous purchase of Genesis 8 Female(s) Head & Body Morphs required. Perfect PinUp for G8F form part of the Perfect PinUp Combo Set for G8F and may not be sold separately.
Fifties Fashion Style 1 MK2 for G8F form part of the Perfect PinUp Combo Set for G8F and may not be sold separately.
This product is not a Merchant Resource.
Merchant Resource used on file with Renderosity.

Perfect PinUp for Genesis 3 was created with DazStudio;
The version for Genesis 8 was created with Daz Studio which uses the version Iray 2016.3.2 introduced with version of Daz Studio.
These changes involve updating the complex shaders such as those used in the actual product so that the visual rendering appealing is identical of the Genesis 3 version.
Because the Genesis 3 version use the Victoria 7 UV MAP, the textures have been reworked in order to guarantee 100% compatibility with Genesis 8 Base UV.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements: Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs, Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio