Peter for Genesis 3 Male - Boy Character

Peter for Genesis 3 Male - Boy Character

Peter for Genesis 3 Male.

Peter is a high quality handsome young boy for Genesis 3 Male. He is perfect for your everyday boy or whatever you want him to be.

Peter comes with lots of material and shaping options, like 8 realistic eye colors, face paintings, several eye brows and bruises, a muscular body option, several shape options for arms, chest, waist, mouth, nose, ears, eye brows and much more. His head is custom sculpted, his body utilizes the Growing Up and Body Morphs for a unique look and the skin is based on a HQ resource with added details from real photo references.

Since he is built on the Genesis 3 platform, you can dial in morphs from any of your Genesis 3 Male Characters to make him even more unique.

What's included and features:

- Peter Character Preset

Iray Materials

- Full Body Mat (Light Skin Tone)
- Full Body Mat (Dark Skin Tone)
- 8 Eye Colors
- 3 Eye Lashes Colors
- 4 Fingernails Colors
- 5 Facial Options
- 2 Eye Brow Styles in 3 colors (LIE)
- 7 bruises (LIE)

Shaping Options and Presets

- Armpits Defined / Default
- Cheeks Smaller / Default
- Chest Defined / Default
- Jug Ears / Default
- 3 Eye Brows Variants / Reduced Width / Default
- Mouth Smaller, Lips Fuller, Milk Teeth, Tooth Gap, Front Teeth Longer, Default
- Adams Apple Bigger / Default
- Nose Linear, Snub Nose, Smaller, Default
- Abdomen Defined / Default, Belly Button Out / Default
- Muscular Body / Default

Morphs and Control Dials

- Peter Full
- Peter Body
- Peter Head
- Peter Armpit Adjust
- Peter Chest Define
- Peter Chest Undercurve
- Peter Muscular
- Cheeks Smaller
- Ears Shape
- Jug Ears
- Eye Brows Adjust
- Eye Brows Angle
- Eye Brows Reduce
- Iris Scale
- Iris Size
- Pupils Adjust
- Pupils Size
- Front Teeth Gap
- Front Teeth Longer
- Lips Fuller
- Mouth Shape
- Teeth Child
- Tooth Gap
- Nose Shape
- Snub Nose
- Adams Apple
- Neck Smaller
- Head Smaller
- Iliac Line Define
- Abdomen Define
- Navel Outie

Textures Included

- 43 Diffuse, Bump, Normal Maps and LIE PNG maps (up to 4096x4096)

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Male

Requirements: Genesis 3 Female Head Morphs, Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs, Growing Up for Genesis 3 Male(s)

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio