RPD Abbigale

RPD Abbigale

Lovable, affectionate and upbeat.. this is Abbigale! A custom character with a unique personality,loyal to her friends, workaholic till she drops dead, addicted to caffeine, smart and expressive! Inspired by fictional compelling stories, she can fit in the shoes of any character you want.. Whether you need an irrepresible lab expert, a goth girl that loves tattoos with a pair of inquisitive eyes that speak to your soul.. or just a happy, joyful face in pigytails - with many expressive smiles.. Abby comes along!

Package details :

All poses are organized in neat groups within the RPD/Sheba folder for easy access:

* Abbigale custom head INJ/REM
* Abbigale Young head INJ/REM
* Abbigale add sexy mouth custom INJ/REM
* Abbigale Body INJ/REM
* Abbigale Nails Square custom INJ/REM
* Abbigale Nipples INJ/REM
* Abbigale Real Genitals INJ/REM
* LAB Gloves 2nd skin INJ/REM
* Hide/Show nails for LAB Gloves utility


* Abby Excited INJ/REM
* Abby Excited Teeth pose
* Soft smile INJ/REM
* Wide smile INJ/REM
* Open smile INJ/REM

ALL MAT files come in Normal & SSS Skin

* Full Abbigale Body Mat
* Spiderweb neck and Cross Back Tattoos
* Wrist and Finger Tatoos
* Goth Reaper - both hands Tattoos
* Tattoos REM poses

* 1 full Natural face (no makeup at all)
* 1 full face with makeup but no shadow
* 8 full face makeUps with light liner
* 8 full face makeUps with heavy liner
* 2 Matte or Glossy Natural lip shades
* 16 Matte Lip shades to mix and match
* 16 Glossy Lip shades to mix and match
* 10 Eye Colors
* 8 Goth style Nails(apply on toenails too)


19 Head Textures - maps 4000x4000
(including bump map)
* Default
* Makeups

3 Torso Textures - maps 4000x4000
(including bump map)
* Default
* Neck and Back Tattoos

6 Limbs textures - maps 4000x4000
(including bump map)
* Default
* Reaper Hand Tatoos
* Wrist and Finger Tattoos

10 Eye Colors- maps 1500x1500
1 Eyelash maps 2000x2000
Teeth & Ineer Mouth map - 2048x2048
Cornea Map - 2048x2048

Thank you for your interest in my products and checking out Abbigale!

Software: Poser 7+, Poser Pro 2010+

Base Figures:  Victoria 4

Requirements:  Victoria 4.2 Base, Victoria 4.2 Morphs++, Elite from DAZ, Poser P7,or higher

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio