RPD Magdalene 20s-30s-40s-50s

RPD Magdalene 20s-30s-40s-50s

Magdalene is a custom Mediterranean character for V4, with face and body morphs covering four decades.
She's based on nostalgia memories of my childhood and she's got plenty of character to suit any role.
She can be a drama caratterista, sweet or serious, sexy or moody!
Magdalene comes with endless customization extras, half a dozen expressions to highlight a different aspect of her personality and two useful, lingerie second skins!
Whenever you are in need of a face with real captivating eyes... Magdalene is there to take the part in your renders!

Package details :

All poses are organized in neat groups within the RPD/Magdalene folder for easy access:

* Magdalene 20s custom INJ/REM
* Magdalene 30s custom INJ/REM
* Magdalene 40s custom INJ/REM
* Magdalene 50s custom INJ/REM
* Magdalene 20s Body Young INJ/REM
* Magdalene 20s Body Older INJ/REM
* Magdalene Nails long Round INJ/REM
* Magdalene Nails long Square custom INJ/REM
* Magdalene Nails Medium Square custom INJ/REM
* Magdalene Lashes MakeUp longer custom INJ/REM
* Magdalene Lashes Theatrical custom INJ/REM
* Magdalene Expression Happy INJ/REM
* Magdalene Expression Moody INJ/REM
* Magdalene Expression Mouth Sexy INJ/REM
* Magdalene Expression Sad INJ/REM
* Magdalene Expression Subtle Smile INJ/REM

ALL MAT files come in Normal & SSS Skin

* Full Magdalene Body Mat
* 2 Lingerie Second Skins INJ
* Lingerie Removal Utility
* Lingerie Genital ON/OFF utility

* 14 full face makeUps
(they all come in two variations - with or without pencil)
* Theatrical powedered on makeup
* 16 Lip options to mix&match
* 10 EyeColors and 6 Reflections
* 15 Salon style Nails(apply on toenails too)
* 4 Eyelashes (to mix and match with Custom Lashes injections)

35 Head Textures - maps 4000x4000
(including specularity and bump maps)
* Default
* Makeups

6 Torso Textures - maps 4000x4000
(including specularity and bump maps)
* Default
* Lingerie
3 Limbs textures - maps 4000x4000
(including specularity and bump maps)
* Default

10 Eye Colors- maps 1500x1500
4 Eyelash maps 2000x2000
Teeth & Ineer Mouth map - 2048x2048
3 Cornea Map - 2048x2048
14 Nail maps - 4000x4000

Software: Poser 7+, Poser Pro 2010+

Base Figures:  Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio