RPD Sheba

RPD Sheba

Temperament and Soul.. this is Sheba!
A custom character with explosive personality,fearless,dangerous, expressive!
Inspired by fictional compelling stories, she can fit in the shoes of any character you want..
Whether you need a mysterious middle-eastern or latina, an agent or an assasin, or just a normal woman with many expressive smiles, Sheba comes along!

In special Halloween packaging, she comes in extra versions, Dead or Alive!
A frozen corpse plus a couple of murdered corpses, one with slit throat and another autopsied, with a head gunshot, also come along! So have fun in the morgue too!

Package details :

All poses are organized in neat groups within the RPD/Sheba folder for easy access:

* Sheba custom head INJ/REM
* Sheba Body INJ/REM
* Sheba Nails Square custom INJ/REM
* Sheba Nipples INJ/REM
* Sheba Genitals INJ/REM


* All Smiles Teeth pose
* Smile Confident INJ/REM
* Smile Game-On! INJ/REM
* Smile Open INJ/REM
* Smile Simple INJ/REM
* Smile Sly INJ/REM
* Smile Soft INJ/REM
* Smile Wide INJ/REM
* Smile Alluring INJ/REM
* Smile Alluring Teeth pose
* Talking INJ/REM
* Singing INJ/REM
* Singing Teeth pose

ALL MAT files come in Normal & SSS Skin

* Full Juliet Body Mat
* Right Wrist Tatoo (means freedom in Jewish)
* Left Arm Tatoo

* 01 full Natural face (no makeup at all)
* 01 full face makeUp without base foundation
* 10 full face makeUps
* 12 Lip options to mix&match
* 10 Eye Colors
* 6 Classic style Nails(apply on toenails too)


* Full Frozen Corpse Body Mat
* Full Slit Throat Corpse Body Mat
* Full Head Gunshot Autopsied Body Mat
* Face Wounded Mat
* Face Head Gunshot Mat


18 Head Textures - maps 4000x4000
(including specularity and bump maps)
* Default
* Makeups
* Autopsy1 Corpse
* Autopsy2 Corpse

8 Torso Textures - maps 4000x4000
(including specularity and bump maps)
* Default
* Autopsy1 Corpse
* Autopsy2 Corpse

5 Limbs textures - maps 4000x4000
(including specularity and bump maps)
* Default
* Autopsy Corpse
* Tatoos

10 Eye Colors- maps 1500x1500
1 Eyelash maps 2000x2000
Teeth & Ineer Mouth map - 2048x2048
Cornea Map - 2048x2048

Thank you for your interest in my products and checking out Sheba!

Poser 7+, Poser Pro 2010+

Base Figures:  Victoria 4

Requirements:  V4, Morphs++ from DAZ, Poser P7,or higher.

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio