Sinners Ira G8F-G8.1F-V8-V8.1

Sinners Ira G8F-G8.1F-V8-V8.1

To not love her is to incur her wrath. It's a sin if you don't get her!

That devil Tempesta is exploring all the seven sins beginning with the versatile Ira, filled with rage and fire. Grab her while she is hot!

Ira is a highly realistic lady created for G8F G8.1F V8 V8.1, her easy to use features will make you create powerful images in no time.

The head is custom morphed but the body INJ and REM require Genesis 8 Body Morphs and V8 to work properly:

Included also two special materials: Face and Eye Ira. These materials will change the complete Face and/or Eyes into a rage filled Ira. Face Base and Eye Base All will revert to the basic Ira normal materials, you can then apply the various make-ups/eye colors with just a click.

DAZ files:

- Apply Head
- Remove Head
- Apply Body
- Remove Body
- MAT Iray
- 1 Face Base (Face and Lips)
- 1 Face Ira (Face and Lips)
- 1 Face Natural
- 6 Face Make-ups
- 1 Arms Base
- 3 Arms Tattoo
- 1 Legs Base
- 3 Legs Tattoo
- 7 Eye Colors
- 1 Eye Base All (All Eyes Materials, included Eye Socket)
- 1 Eye Ira (All Eyes Materials, included Eye Socket)
- 1 Lips Natural
- 6 Lips Make-ups
- 1 Lips Natural Glossy
- 6 Lips Make-ups Glossy
- 1 Nails Base
- 1 Nails Red
- 1 Body No Gens
- 1 Body With Gens
- 1 Mat Gens

This item works only in DAZ and there are DUF files in it.

To complete the expercience don't forget to pick up Sinners Ira Decorative Dream, the wonderful and fiery outfit!

<3 Be a sinner with Tempesta3d!

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M), Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female, Victoria 8, Genesis 8.1 Female, Victoria 8.1

Requirements:  V8- G8F Body Morphs

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio