Talon G2M

Talon G2M

A character set for Genesis 2 Male using the Head and Body morphs from Daz.

Three skin sets are included: Dark Elf, Dark Elf Alternate, and the Base. Two arm tattoos (One Tibetan and one Maori) with options of both, or left or right arm. Dark Elf and Dark Elf Alt have the Tibetan tattoo as scarring and added displacement for the effect. Facial scarring for each set are included as are five eye colors; the Red and Golden load with the Dark Elf and Dark Elf Alt sets.

Parameter Dials included are under Actor in the Parameter Tab:
Talon Body
Talon Ears
Talon Vampire Fangs
Talon Head (Human version)
Talon Vampire (With Fangs, Ears, Body, Head)
Talon (Human version head morph and Body)

Inj/Rem files are located in People/Genesis 2 Male/Characters/DarwinsMishap:
Cornea Bulge Setting (This gives realistic reflections in renders)
Talon Body and Talon Body Rem
Talon Full and Talon Full Rem (This includes the fangs and ear morphs)
Gens and Gens Rem
Talon Head and Rem (For the ears, fangs and head morphs)
Talon Human Head and Rem (without the ears or fangs, just the head morph)
Vampire Teeth and Rem

Material settings included:
For the Base, Dark Elf and Dark Elf At:
Arm Tats All
Arm Tats Maori
Arm Tats Tibetan
Facial Scar
Eye Colors:
Blue 2

This product is set up for the Daz Studio with the Iray render engine, though material settings for the 3Delight render engine will come soon as a freebie add-on.

Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 2 Male

Requirements:  Head and Body morphs for Genesis 2 Male from daz3d.com

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio