Waxonian aka Skinkman for Poser

Waxonian aka Skinkman for Poser

Waxonians are anthropomorphic aliens with a skink-like appearance. Waxonians are original characters from the Stellar Economic Community fantasy world from the science fiction writer, Jack Ryan. Modeled and traditionally Poser rigged and grouped with body morphs for gender and physique. Includes optional conforming teeth, one outfit with 4 texture sets, and one morphing jumpsuit with 15 texture sets. 8 Waxonian action poses and walk cycle animation included. Compatible with many Poser Poses and Clothing from other biped figures. Licensed for Commercial Use and 3D Game/Realtime Rendering Multi-Media publishing.

Poser Features:
Fully Poser rigged and animatable, conforms to traditional Poser figure rigging conventions and the figure accepts most poser biped conforming clothes and poses. WolfPack included a conforming fur set using Poser Hair Growth, however the default W the other uses bump and depth maps to simulate the fur coat. A Poser Hair parenting prop is also included in the runtime.
Waxonian Figure groups Hip, Tail1-7, Abdomen, Chest, Neck, Head, Mouth, Left and Right) Eyes, Frill1-2, Collar, Shoulders, Forearms, Hands, Thumb, Thumb1-2, Index, Index1-2, Mid, Mid-1-2, Ring, Ring1-2, Pinky, Pinky1-2, Thigh,Shin,Foot, Foot1 all parametrically rigged with IK for greatest clothing and pose compatibility.

15 Material Zones (Waxonian): Skin, Belly, Head, Eyes, Mouth, Tongue, Frill, Tail, TailTip1-5, Claws, and Soles.
Materials: Waxonian Male & Female Sets, Alternate male & female (no reflection) Sets.
Waxonian Outfit: Coat, Pant and Boots with 4 material sets: Natural, Blue, Green and Red
Morphing Jumpsuit with 15 Material Sets: Black Carbon, Green Blue Corduroy, Green Corduroy, Red Tweed, Green Tweed, Blue Tweed, Brown, Red Quilted, Blue Quilted, Green Quilted, Jade Quilted, White Quilted, Black Quilted Quilted, Khaki Duck.
Waxonian Morphs: Physique, Gender (Breast Size).
8 Waxonian Poses: Ready for Action, Pushing, Sprint, Welcome, Peace, Strut, Strut-Wave, walk (120 frames) and Default T. Compatible with most Poser poses. Disable IK if feet and legs do not pose correctly.
Conforming Clothes: Waxonian_Pants, a pair of pants cloth, belt and a morphing jumpsuit with 5 distinctive material sets.
Jumpsuit Morphs: Physique, Breast Size, Cinch Tail, Insulation, Collar Pop, Zipper, Collar Spread, Pocket Padding, Wrist Cuffs, Bell Bottoms, and Billow (gather/loosen fabric fit).

Bonus: Skybox figure with Bama Moonlit Swamp 2mb textured material set and Image Based Lighting (IBL) provides instant 360 perspective environment.

FBX Features:
Fully rigged fbx figures:
- Waxonian
- Waxonian with Jump Suit
- Waxonian with shirt, pants, left and right boots
- Skybox (not rigged)

Character Modeling: ReaperMediaSr
Rigging, materials and morphs by Dream Cutter

Uploaded for sale here with permission.

Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

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