Zelda La Freak FreakShow Makeup Kit POSER - LA FEMME

Zelda La Freak FreakShow Makeup Kit POSER - LA FEMME

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Zelda La Freak Makeup Kit is part of La Freakshow collection. Zelda La Freak Makeup Kit is an Unusual and highly detailed makeup delicately painted to capture the Unfathomable Oddities of The Freak Show In the Mid-16th to 20th Century. This Exotic Makeup exhibits gorgeous Avante Garde Powder Bases, Rich shadows and blush overlays, designer gel polishes for those extra Phalanges ;)...and Finishing off the look with Bead Stud dimple & Sternum Piercings.

This Makeup Kit was inspired by The Freak Show which was an exhibiton of freaks, monstrosities and marvels of nature, an essential component of travelling exhibition in Europe and America throughout the Victorian Period. The presentation of human oddities in the Victorian era changed dramatically with P.T. Barnum and his famous exotic attractions. When Barnum arrived in England in 1844 the British showman were amazed that he was hoping to attract so much money for simply exhibiting Unfathomed Oddities. Freak Shows were also essential components of circus shows in America Such as The Ringling Brother Barnum and Baileys's Sideshow. The Stars of the Show were immortalised in Todd Browning's 1932 Film Freak. Living novelty acts continued on carnivals and midways in America and on the travelling fairs in the United Kingdom for most of the twentieth century. Tom Norman also known as "The Silver King" was the English counterpart of Barnum. He exhibited his performers in shop fronts, on his travelling fair or acted as an agent for the acts. Norman started his career as a sideshow exhibitor in the 1970's when he managed Eliza Jenkins "the Skeleton Woman and a whole range of freak show attractions. He stated in his autobiography "you could indeed exhibit anything in those days. Yes anything from a needle to an anchor, a flea to an elephant, a bloater you could exhibit as a whale. It was not the show; it was the tale that you told." For the British Side show performers their heyday was the Victorian period when the performers were household names and patronised by the general public and royalty alike. Many of the shows that appeared during the reign of Victoria were quickly superseded by the latest novelty or wonder of age. However , the waxworks display with the freak Show was perhaps the most continually popular travelling type of exhibition in the ninteenth century. Barnum retired in 1865 when his museum burnt to the ground...though Barnum was and still is criticized for exploitation of the acts, he paid the performers fairly handsome sums of money. Some of the acts made the equivalent of what some sport stars make today!

This Product is specially crafted for the Gorgeous La Femme and La Femme Pro 1.1 - Female Poser Figure!

This product is part of LA FREAKSHOW COLLECTION...please follow and stay tuned to collect them all!

All Materials are delicately hand painted in Substance Painter & designed in Substance Designer + Alchemist to ensure the most realistic quality for your renders.

Materials are optimized and tested for use in POSER 11 Superfly renderer.

This package is jamm packed to give you the flexibility of customization for your art!

What's Included in this Mega Kit?...

★ Zelda Freak Dimpled Head Morph
★ Zelda La Freak Dimple Piercing Right
★ Zelda La Freak Dimple Piercing Left
★ Zelda La Freak Sternum Piercing
★ Zelda La Freak Left Eye (Please refer to the PDF Mini Tutorial Included on how to apply)
★ PDF Mini Tutorial

★ 2 realistic eye materials included for R eye (will work on both eyes)
★ 2 Avant Garde Powder Paste Styles includes 1 with tat (Please refer to PDF Mini Tutorial on how to apply)
★ 9 Hand Painted Makeup Show Starter Makeup Overlay styles (Please refer to PDF Mini Tutorial on how to apply)
★ 7 Creamy Lip Styles (Please refer to PDF Mini Tutorial on how to apply)
★ 11 Nail Gel Styles (This requires Zelda La Freak Top Hat to apply)
★ 7 Shiny Piercing Styles

The MINI TUTORIAL is to help you get started with enjoying The Zelda La Freak Makeup Kit and all the lovely features available in Poser Pro 11+

Included in this Makeup Kit are hand painted sets optimized for Superfly Rendering. This set also uses the wonderful benefits of layering options included in Poser Pro 11+


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Software: Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro 1.1 - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio