ARTORIA La Freak HD Character Kit - POSER - LA FEMME

ARTORIA La Freak HD Character Kit - POSER - LA FEMME

Step Right Up!

Men and Woman

Boys & Girls!

Hurry, Hurry Gather Round To Witness The Greatest Show On Earth!

Witness the unfathomable..The Unusual...The Exotic!

Feast your eyes on the most Curious Mishaps our world has ever seen!

ARTORIA La Freak is part of La Freakshow collection. ARTORIA La Freak Character Kit is an Unusual and highly Eccentric Character delicately handpainted to capture the Unfathomable Oddities and beauty of The Freak Show In the Mid-16th-20th Century. This Character emulates a gothic richness with handspun dreads with realistic hair buzzes and colors, over 50 hand-painted body tattoos delicately blended and faded for an extremely realistic look, vibrant contact lens styles from angelic to evil in one click, 4 skin Translucent styles to play with, HD Settings for that ultra-realistic look, Lush lash mascara and demi lash, Stilleto nail paints and gorgeous interactive lips and makeup styles which you can glitter up or goth gloss much to play with and create your own character style from gothic punk to fun fun!! your imagination is your limit on this one!

This Character Kit was inspired by The Freak Show which was an exhibition of freaks, monstrosities, and marvels of nature, an essential component of a travelling exhibitions in Europe and America throughout the Victorian Period. Tattooed Women may be common now but they were once so taboo that they performed in Freak Shows around the world. Famous Tattooed ladies performed along with fire eaters, sword swallowers, and bearded ladies throughout the late 19th to 20th century. Artoria Gibbons was born on a farm in Wisconsin in 1893 and moved ran away from home at the age of 14 to join the circus, she met a man named Red Gibbons who was a tattoo artist. Red Promised Artoria that he would let her travel the world with the circus if he could tattoo her whole body, as they did not have a tattooed lady in their act. Gibbons went on to perform in sideshows for over 35 years, touring with Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus as well as Hagenbeck-Wallace. Gibbons was regarded as the highest-paid tattooed lady, earning an impressive male following throughout her years in the Circus. Gibbons performed until the time of her death, showing off her collection off in into her eighties.

The presentation of human oddities in the Victorian era changed dramatically with P.T. Barnum and his famous exotic attractions. When Barnum arrived in England in 1844 the British showman was amazed that he was hoping to attract so much money for simply exhibiting Unfathomed Oddities. Freak Shows were also essential components of circus shows in America Such as The Ringling Brother Barnum and Baileys's Sideshow. The Stars of the Show were immortalized in Todd Browning's 1932 Film Freak. Living novelty acts continued on carnivals and midways in America and on the traveling fairs in the United Kingdom for most of the twentieth century. Tom Norman also known as "The Silver King" was the English counterpart of Barnum. He exhibited his performers in shop fronts, on his traveling fair, or acted as an agent for the acts. Norman started his career as a sideshow exhibitor in the 1970's when he managed Eliza Jenkins "the Skeleton Woman and a whole range of freak show attractions. He stated in his autobiography "you could indeed exhibit anything in those days. Yes anything from a needle to an anchor, a flea to an elephant, a bloater you could exhibit as a whale. It was not the show; it was the tale that you told." For the British Sideshow performers, their heyday was the Victorian period when the performers were household names and patronized by the general public and royalty alike. Many of the shows that appeared during the reign of Victoria were quickly superseded by the latest novelty or wonder of the age. However, the waxworks display with the freak show was perhaps the most continually popular traveling type of exhibition in the nineteenth century. Barnum retired in 1865 when his museum burnt to the ground...though Barnum was and still is criticized for exploitation of the acts, he paid the performers fairly handsome sums of money. Some of the acts made the equivalent of what some sports stars make today!

This product is part of LA FREAKSHOW COLLECTION...please follow and stay tuned to collect them all!

All Materials are delicately hand-painted in Substance Painter & designed in Substance Designer + Alchemist to ensure the most realistic quality for your renders.

Materials are optimized and tested for use in POSER 11+ SUPERFLY RENDER ENGINE

This package is jam-packed to give you the flexibility of customization for your art!

What's Included in this Mega-pack?...


★ARTORIA La Freak Character includes scalp implants

★HD Skin Options with and without tattoos

★Vivid tattoo option for a stronger just Tatted look!

★Deadly Stiletto Nails

★Puffy Nips with option to turn off

★Sword Ear Cuffs

★Dreads with buzz fuzz (option to hide dreads) This was made for ARTORIA Character but there is an option to remove Artoria Morph if you wish to wear it with other characters!

★Makeup includes 5 gothic style hand painted makeup and yes also includes goth slick to give you that glossy look!

★10 Dark and lovely lip them off with Lip Glitter...and Natural Gloss for different looks. Includes lip wipes for easy no-mess cleaning.

★Dreads include 24 Buzz cuts..styles and Semi Permanent dyes to choose from! (posing morphs available in parameters tab)

★12 Exotic Contact Lens styles (includes !IRIS EFFECT! which can be used with any contact lens to give you some interesting looks)

★ 9 Fun Stiletto nail styles come complete with Acetone

This is a super fun pack to play with and create your own style character from Goth to Cyber Punk..

ARTORIA La Freak Headdress! & ARTORIA JEWELLERY KIT is available separately to go with this Character Kit! They are jam-packed for different looks...your imagination is your limitation! Have fun!

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Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

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La Femme Pro - V.2

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