D9S Harper

D9S Harper

Harper is a fantasy harlequin style character for La Femme inspired by my beloved Hailee character for V4. She includes 9 full face harlequin makeups plus a set of mix and match "normal" makeups, several stylized nail polish options, iris color options, eye sclera options, eyelash options, and mix and match tattoo options. She has a custom dialed body morph preset made from Blackhearted's Femme Fatale Morphs to give her a truly unique look. Most La Femme clothing had these morphs included so most La Femme clothing can fit Harper's body with ease.

01 Custom Sculpted Face Morph
01 Dialed Body Morph
01 Complete Body Texture Set with Specular, Displacement, Bump, and Normal Maps
10 Iris Color Options
02 Sclera Options
03 Eyelash Options in 2 Shades
09 Full Face Harlequin Makeups
09 Mix and Match Metallic Eye Shadows
09 Glossy Mix and Match Lip Colors Plus Natural
09 Matte Mix and Match Lip Colors Plus Natural
28 Stylized Nail Polish Options
10 Tattoo Placement Preset Options (05 Tattoos Total)

Software: Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro 1.1 - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Required Products: Femme Fatale HD Morphs for La Femme, La Femme Pro - 1.1 Pro Base Figure for Poser 11

Compatible figures: 
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