D9S Rosita

D9S Rosita

Allow me to introduce you to the sugar doll Rosita! With makeups inspired by the Day of the Dead (Dia los Muertos) Rosita comes to you ready to enchant your renders. In addition to the stylized sugar doll makeups, Rosita also has "regular" makeup options so she can fit in every other day of the year as well. She also has several lovely eye colors and eyelash options plus metallic sparkle nail polish to match all of her sugar doll makeups. Besides her wonderful textures, Rosita also has a custom sculpted face morph which requires only La Femme Base plus an optional complimentary dialed body morph which requires both the Base and Blackhearted's Femme Fatale Morphs for La Femme. Most La Femme clothing has these morphs included so most La Femme clothing can fit Rosita's body with ease. Did I mention that Rosita will render beautifully in both Firefly and Superfly? View the promotional renders for a look at all of her options. Thank you for viewing!

01 Custom Sculpted Face Morph
01 Dialed Body Morph (Optional)
01 Complete Body Texture Set with Specular, Displacement, Bump, and Normal Maps
10 Sugar Doll Makeups
10 Regular Eye Shadow/Blush Makeups
10 Mix and Match Regular Lip Colors
05 Eye Color Options
03 Eyelash Options
01 Rose Tattoo Option
01 Complete Set of Material Presets for Firefly
01 Complete Set of Material Presets for Superfly

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. All promos were rendered in Poser 11 with Firefly render engine unless otherwise noted. Most of the products used in the promos are listed on the Promo Credits tab.

Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro 1.1 - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Required Products:  
Femme Fatale HD Morphs for La Femme

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser