Child Morph for Genesis 9

Child Morph for Genesis 9

Child for Genesis 9.

If you want child character for your renders or work, all what you need is this product. Its much easier than you think! Only what you have to do is load basic Genesis 9 and switch ONE slider which will change all body proportions into childest. Better! If you want do it faster, you coud just load ready child's body from Genesis 9 / Characters / AMV Child.

It works with most of our products.

Every one render to promotion this product was created with use BASIC G9 and BASICS textures created for G9 from DAZ.

What do you get?

- Complete and easy to implement morph. You can find this morph in parameters/Characters/AMV Child.

- Additional options to implement and remove morph from the library for any Genesis 9 figure. You can find the INJ and REM options in People/Genesis 9/Characters/AMV_Child/.

10 unique and original child poses

Compatible figures: 
Child Morph for Genesis 9 | 3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser