Classic Biker Gear for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Classic Biker Gear for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Classic Biker Gear is a wonderful multi-use set. It is finely crafted and textured to the usual BadKittehCo standards.

This set contains:
Motorcycle Jacket - classic look, cropped. Note modeled in zippers!!!
Motorcycle Rider Chaps - which can be worn with jeans, boy shorts or bareback.
Boy Shorts - they can be used as riding micro-shorts or as underwear (we included textures for both).
Tight Fitting Jeans - with morphs to fit under the chaps.
Biker Bra - halter top style bustier.

Since these garments tend to be considered wardrobe basics - for an adventurous girl - we focused our textures on mixing and matching material types and colors. Several denim and several worn leather textures are included.

For Underwear/shorts we provided a set of overlays which will allow you to choose A. Color, B. Decal Shape, C. Decal color. With 6 materials, 5 decals and 7 Decal colors, you can create 210 possible combinations.

Each garment has a number of morphs which can be used to add movement and style to each garment, in addition to a series of adjustment morphs to aid in fitting.

With both, Jacket and Bustier breast morphs have been had sculpted, so you are not relying on automatic morph making.
In the same fashion, wherever morph following did not provide satisfactory results (most FBM's) they have been hand sculpted to fit.

All of our textures are high resolution (4096x4096) and suitable for up-close rendering. Each texture set is set up for PBR shader, and contain Metallic, Diffuse, Specularity, Specular Roughness, Bump and Normal maps at the minimum. We also use additional image maps for special effects where needed. Since this set is geared towards high resolution renders, images may need to be reduced in size to make it more suitable for multi figure renders. Much will depend on individual computer resources.

Pants and Chaps in this set also have special fitting morphs for Bad KittehCo's Exoline boots, and April Rain Undergarments Boots.

Thank You for purchasing our product!

What's Included and Features

  • Classic Biker Gear for Genesis 8 Female(s) (.DUF)
  • Full Set Jeans Fit
  • Full Set Shorties Fit
  • Biker Bustier
    • ADJ_Cup Size L
    • ADJ_Cup Size R
    • ADJ_Cup Size
    • ADJ_Loosen Neck
    • ADJ_Middle In Out
    • Unbuckle Back Top B
    • Unbuckle Back Top C
    • Unbuckle Back Top D
    • Unbuckle Back Top
    • Undress000...007
  • Biker Chaps
    • BackShape Angular
    • BackShapeRounder
    • BackTieHigher
    • BackTieLower
    • BackUntied
    • Bottom Unbutton
    • Fit Over Undergarment Boots
    • FrontShape
    • Longer
    • NudeFit
    • Unbuckle Two Sided
    • Unbuckle
    • Unbutton Bottom More
    • UnderwearFit
    • WornEdges
  • Biker Jacket
    • Back Out
    • Back Up
    • L Lapel Out
    • L Open Wider
    • Lapel Tips Curl
    • R Belt Back
    • R Belt Front
    • R Belt Left
    • R Belt Right
    • R Belt Tip Curl
    • R Lapel Out
    • R Open Wider
  • Biker Jeans
    • ADJ_ExpandAll
    • ADJ_ExpandForBoots
    • ADJ_ExpandGlutes
    • ADJ_ExpandHips
    • ADJ_ExpandLowerLeg
    • Fit Inside Undergarment Boots
    • Fit Over Undergarment Boots
    • PantsUnbutton01
    • PantsUnbutton02
    • PantsUnbutton03
    • PantsUnbutton04
    • UnderChaps
  • Biker Shorties
    • ADJ_Expand All
    • Leg Shape Higher
    • Leg Shape Lower
    • Undress001
    • Undress002
    • Undress003
    • Undress004
    • Waist Lower
  • Material Presets
    • Bustier Denim Blue Dark
    • Bustier Denim Blue Light
    • Bustier Denim Brown
    • Bustier Denim Pink
    • Bustier Denim White
    • Bustier Denim Yellow
    • Bustier Leather Black
    • Bustier Leather Brown
    • Bustier Leather Red
    • Bustier Leather White
    • Chaps Leather Black
    • Chaps Leather Brown Dark
    • Chaps Leather Brown Light
    • Chaps Leather Red
    • Chaps Leather White
    • Jacket Denim Blue
    • Jacket Leather Black High Shine
    • Jacket Leather Black Low Shine
    • Jacket Leather Brown Dark
    • Jacket Leather Brown Light
    • Jacket Leather Pink
    • Jacket Leather Red
    • Jacket Leather White
    • Jeans Denim Blue Dark
    • Jeans Denim Blue Light
    • Jeans Denim Brown
    • Jeans Denim Pink
    • Jeans Denim White
    • Jeans Denim Yellow
    • Jeans Leather Black
    • Jeans Leather Red
    • Jeans Leather White
    • Shorts Brown Handprint
    • Shorts Pink Kitteh Light
    • Shorts Pink Kitteh
    • Shorts Pink Underwear
    • Shorts White Leather
    • Shorts White Underwear
  • Metal Shader Presets:
    • Brown Dark Glossy More
    • Brown Dark Glossy
    • Brown Dark Matte
    • Brown Light Glossy
    • Brown Light Matte
    • Brown Medium Glossy
    • Brown Medium Matte
    • Gray Brown Glossy
    • Gray Brown Matte
    • Gray Glossy
    • Gray Light Glossy
    • Gray Light Matte
    • Gray Matte
    • Pink Matte
    • Pink Glossy More
    • Pink Glossy
    • Pink Pale Glossy More
    • Pink Pale Glossy
    • Pink Pale Matte
    • Red Dark Glossy
    • Red Dark Matte
    • Red Light Glossy
    • Red Light Matte
  • Shortie Decal Materials:
    • A Cloth Jersey Pink
    • A Cloth Jersey White
    • A Cloth Leather Brown
    • A Cloth Leather Pink
    • A Cloth Leather Red
    • A Cloth Leather White
    • B Shape BadKitteh
    • B Shape Flames
    • B Shape Heart
    • B Shape Keep Calm
    • B Shape Precious
    • C Decal Black
    • C Decal Blue
    • C Decal Gold
    • C Decal Gray
    • C Decal Pink
    • C Decal Red
    • C Decal White
  • Textures Include:
    • 121 Diffuse, Specular, Specular Roughness, Metallic, Height, Normal, Displacement and Special Effect Images (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: