Wild Hunt: Wildenlander for Michael 3

Wild Hunt: Wildenlander for Michael 3

Ewan Blackwood was a well known orc hunter, born to a peasant family in the Northernlands. He was charged with the duty of patrolling the Northern wildlands to search for and destroy those terrible creatures. During a particularly cold and wet night Ewan covered himself with his old hooded cloak and went out for a walk. When he returned he found that the orcs destroyed the entire village, killing all those he knew and loved. In that moment, Ewan swore an oath that he would kill every last orc in the Northernlands.

To avenge his village Ewan unearthed the swords of his grandfather, who had died in dishonor. With these old twin scimitars, called Rage and Sorrow, he walked the woodlands of the North swinging his blades, leaving only silence and orc corpses.

Wild Hunt: Wildenlander is the ultimate fantasy clothing set for Michael 3 , including 8 clothing items with morphs and one smart prop. This set is for Poser 5, 6, and DAZ|Studio Only.

Compatible 3D Figures
Michael 3
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • 8 clothing items with morphs:
    • An old Hooded Cloak, protection against the winter snows.
    • A pair of Mountain Boots, the best friends of a walker.
    • Leather and Velvet Pants, practical and comfortable.
    • A Scarf, for the cold nights of the North.
    • A Hair Ribbon, to tie his hair back during battle
    • Rage and Sorrow Sheaths, two high quality sheaths.
    • A Studded Leather Top Breatplate, which covers a wool tunic.
    • A set of old and used arm Bracers.
  • Rage and Sorrow magical scimitars (Smart props parented to Michael's hands.
  • All the clothes are compatible with the following Morphs:
    • Muscular 1
    • Muscular 2
    • Muscular 3
    • Tone
    • Stocky
    • Additionally, each figure has customized fitting morphs where applicable.
  • MAT poses and material presets for Poser 5, 6, and DAZ|Studio users.
  • 22 texture maps, including:
    • 3 reflection maps.
    • 9 bump maps.
    • 7 diffuse maps
    • 1 displacement map.
    • 1 specular map
    • 1 mask map.

This set is for Poser 5, 6, and DAZ|Studio Only.

Compatible figures: 
Clothing Accessories for Daz Studio and Poser