dForce Anigame Foxy Vixen G8F

dForce Anigame Foxy Vixen G8F

Clothing dForce Anigame Foxy Vixen G8F made for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Other body morphs are supported by Auto-follow.

Files included:
1. !Foxy Vixen Outfit(duf)
2. !Foxy Vixen Simulation Settings(duf)
3. Foxy Vixen Beanie (duf)
4. Foxy Vixen Panty Earrings(duf)
5. Foxy Vixen Top Garter(duf)

10. !Select Full Garment(dsa)
11. Material Preset 01(duf)
12. Material Preset 02(duf)
13. Material Preset 03(duf)
14. Material Preset 04(duf)
15. Material Preset 05(duf)
16. Material Preset 06(duf)
17. Material Preset 07(duf)
16. Material Preset 08(duf)
17. Material Preset 09(duf)

18. 01 Ribbon Color Picker(dsa)
19. 01 Ribbon Overlay Picker(dsa)
20. 02 Top Base Color Picker(dsa)
21. 02 Top Border Color Picker(dsa)
22. 02 Top Frill Color Picker(dsa)
23. 02 Top Overlay Color Picker(dsa)
24. 03 Panty Base Color Picker(dsa)
25. 03 Panty Border Color Picker(dsa)
26. 03 Panty Overlay Color Picker(dsa)
27. 04 Wool Main Color Picker(dsa)
28. 04 Wool Second Color Picker(dsa)
29. 04 Wool Third Color Picker(dsa)

Supported Shapes:

Fitness Size
Victoria 8
Olympia 8
RedAnt G8F Clari
RedAnt G8F Tessa
RedAnt G8F Yanushka
Reina Xiao

Extra morphs included and adjustment morphs, namely:

Name: Beanie
Back Crown
Ear Out Left
Ear Out Right
Expand Depth
Expand Morph
Expand Sideways
Forehead Left
Forehead Righ
Forehead Upper
Over Ear Left
Over Ear Right
Scale All
Side All Left
Side All Right
Top Out
Top Up
Name: Top
Expand All Morph
Panty Expand
Name: Panty
Expand All Morph
Ribbon Flatten
Rotate X -30
Rotate X 35
Rotate Y -30
Rotate Y 30
Rotate Z -30
Rotate Z 30
Tail Scale

A detailed list of morphs in the readme.

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Daz Studio and Poser