Yippee Kayah dForce Swimsuit for G8F

Yippee Kayah dForce Swimsuit for G8F

Get ready to head back to the beach in a swimsuit that is perfect for facing of against rustling outlaws in the most gnarly Surf off at High Noon.

The Yippee Kayah Swimsuit is a dForce outfit for the Genesis 8 Female figure for use in DAZ Studio using iRay.

The outfit consists of a 2 piece Swimsuit and a separate Buckle and Buttons. Comes with a number of shaders and materials to change the look of the suit.

The surfaces on the Swimsuit can be changed from the Surfaces tab by selecting the surface to be changes and using the Shader presets.

This suit has a number of Special Morphs.Some Special morphs may not look good when the figure is posed. Some allow the item to be shaped as if it is Off the figure and not being worn and are meant to be used not fitted to a figure.

There are dForce presets for changing the way the suit can simulate with dForce.

The Buckle and Buttons are set up with Rigid Follow Nodes and may need some adjustment with some shapes and/or poses

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: 
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