7th Ave: dForce - Minerva for G8F

7th Ave: dForce - Minerva for G8F

New styles for dForce - Minerva for G8F by Lully. This set has 6 full, customizable styles. There is also a cape liner Geoshell to use if you would like.

To use the geoshell liner make sure that you select the cape and then add the liner. The 2 liner MATs that are included will apply to the liner if the cape is selected. If you want to change the colour of the liner you will need to select it.

You can use the included BONUS "Quick Click Colours" (which will alter the colours through the diffuse, gloss & Top Coat nodes as applicable), or you can colour them as you choose. These "Quick Click Colours" can also be applied to other clothing/scene items to achieve matching looks.

Utility options are included to adjust the weight of the overlay and/or the metallic options.

Real Fashion - Real Variety
Accent Your Runtime...

☆ Package Includes ☆

》 6 styles for Dress
》 6 styles for Cape

Bonus "Wheel of Colours" options for Ease of Customization

》 48 "Quick Click Colour" options
》42 "Quick Click" Overlay options
》》 05 Overlay Weight Options

》23 "Quick Click" metallic options
》》 Utilities for Metallic roughness & weight
》》 05 Metallic colour map tiling presets

☆ Render Information ☆

All renders were done with DAZ Studio using HDRI & occasionally a spotlight or 2, no postwork outside of composition has been applied to any of these images!

☆ About the 7th Avenue Collection ☆

The 7th Avenue Collection is created with the same attention to fabrics & options that you've come to expect from 3-D Arena. With 19+ years of content creation experience we've created this line to "accent your runtime". With carefully selected fabrics & textures each product in the 7th Avenue Collection offers a variety of options thoughtfully chosen for the specific model it's expanding.

Every outfit is individually setup with care to use fabrics and design elements that best fit the style.

Get the look of real fabrics! No rushed designs; every product is carefully created and set up to give you textures that you can practically touch.

!!! Please note: You will find the expansions now under the base outfit. I hope this makes it easier for customers to not have to jump around different folders to create the look they want.

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Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio