Beads - Jewel Basics II

Beads - Jewel Basics II

The Necklaces are conforming figure so you can make slight adjusments if needed .. all other pieces are smart props.


Character .cr2 folder:
1 Necklace full
1 Necklace long
1 Necklace short

Props .pp2 folder:
Beads L&R
Bangle L&R
Bracer L&R
Ring 1 L&R
Ring 2 L&R
Ring 3 L&R

Materials . mc6 folder:
10 Beads MATposes
3 Metal MATposes
10 Bracer MATposes

Textures .jpg folder:
10 Bracer Textures
1 Reflection Map
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Software: Poser 6+

Base Figures: Victoria 4.2 Base

Compatible figures: 
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