Day to Night Plus V4-A4-Elite

Day to Night Plus V4-A4-Elite

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Day to Night Plus


• 2 objects

• 1 super conforming skirt cr2

• 1 super conforming choker cr2

• 51 Textures including maps

• 15 MAT Poses for the skirt
• 14 MAT Poses for the choker

• P6+ Materials


-Super conforming Skirt Morph List>

• Dynamic Morphs Body:

Hide Lower Skirt
Undress (requires adjust Hips)
Front Waist Down
Left Back Up
Right Back Up
Lower Right Side-Side
Lower Left Side-Side
Lower Back In-Out
Lower Back In-Out2
Lower Front In-Out
Upper Left Up-Down
Upper Left Side-Side
Upper Right Side-Side
Upper Front In-Out
Upper Back In-Out

• Dynamic Morphs Hip only:

Lower Waist Sides
Tighten Waist
Folds Front Down

• FBMs

Body Builder
Pear Figure
Sylph Body
Utopian Body
Aiko Stylized
Aiko Petite
Aiko Realistic

• PBMs

Thighs Thickness
Glutes Size
Glute Raise R
Glute Raise L
Waist Width
Tummy Out
Stomach Depth
Hips Size
Hips Crest
Belly Thin
Belly Thickness
Thighs Tone
Torso Thickness

• Adjust:

Adjust Waist
Adjust Thighs
Adjust Buttocks
Adjust Hips

- Super conforming Choker Morph List>

• Dynamic Morphs:
Rotate Up-Down
Move Up-Down
Move Front-Back
Move Side-Side
Back Adjust
Left Adjust
Right Adjust

• FBMs
Body Builder
Fantasia Body
Sylph Body
Utopian Body
Aiko Stylized
Aiko Petite

• PBMs
Neck Thickness

Required: DAZ's V4.2

†This pack has not been tested in DS.†

Rendered in Poser Pro 2010

No touch-ups.

All Styles are shown in the promotional images above.

† Characters, hair and poses are not included.†

Thank you for your interest in my products.

Promo credits:

• VH Kim by Godin
• PD Kumi & P3D Skylar by P3Design
• Poses by Danie
• Natural Hi & Posed by nirvy
• SAV's Moikana Hair, Scalp & Moikanaki
• Nerissa & Moira Hair by 3Dream & Mairy
• Lights by Fabiana

Base Figures: Victoria 4

Requirements: DAZ's V4

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Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio