dForce Anigame Valentine Swimwear G8F

dForce Anigame Valentine Swimwear G8F

Clothing dForce AniGame Valentine Swimwear made for Genesis 8 Female(s).

Other body morphs are supported by Auto-follow.

Files included:
- !Anigame dForce Wind Node
- !Anigame Simulation Settings
- !Anigame Swimwear Outfit
- Anigame Swimwear Bottom
- Anigame Swimwear Legging
- Anigame Swimwear Shirt
- Anigame Swimwear Top
~ Materials
- !Select Full Garment
- Material Preset 01- 09
- Skirt Hide
- Skirt Show
~ Color Scripts
- Bottom Color Picker
- Bottom Lace Color Picker
- Bottom Overlay Picker
- Collar Color Picker
- Collar Overlay Picker
- Heart Knot Color Picker
- Legging Color Picker
- Legging Overlay Picker
- Outer Skirt Color Picker
- Outer Skirt Overlay Picker
- Shirt Color Picker
- Skirt Band Color Picker
- Skirt Color Picker
- Top Color Picker
- Top Frills Color Picker
- Top Overlay Picker

Supported Shapes:

Bodybuilder Size
Fitness Size
RedAnt G8F Clari
RedAnt G8F Tessa
RedAnt G8F Yanushka
Reina Xiao

Extra morphs included and adjustment morphs, namely:

Anigame Swimwear - Bottom: Expand All
Anigame Swimwear - Legging: Expand All
Anigame Swimwear - Shirt: Expand All
Anigame Swimwear - Shirt: Shirt Morph (In Incase of clipping before Simulating, expand the bottom part of the shirt at the back )
Anigame Swimwear - Top: Expand All

Please Note: The Shirt will not conform to normal poses as expected without dForce.

A detailed list of morphs in the readme.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio